Monday, April 23, 2007

Lil’ Sis Comes Out Fightin’

Rant of the Week
As you know, Sarah is a daredevil – with a capital D. It comes as no surprise that Sarah has a black eye. What is a surprise is who delivered the blow. It wasn’t a playground tumble, a bat wielding friend, or even a swing from me - no it was little Jaley who gave Sarah her first black eye. Sarah was walking backward, Jaley was crawling forward, and they both came tumbling down. Unfortunately for Sarah, the edge of the coffee table caught her fall and her left eye has been a rainbow of color ever sense. Luckily, she is no worse for wear and is quite proud of her shiner. I am just happy that only Jaley had professional pictures scheduled for this week.

And speaking of professional pics, Jaley was in for her 9-month pictures. I must say the photographer outdid himself. We just don’t know which one to choose. If you don’t mind entering in your name and email address (fakes are fine too), you can catch a peak at:

Life in the Stroller Lane
And sense it seems n
o week is complete without a trip to the pediatrician – we made another visit last Monday. As suspected, Jaley’s ear infection still hadn’t cleared up. So now we are onto another antibiotic. From the astronomical co-pay I paid for this prescription, I know this is really strong stuff. Let’s just hope it works. And if it doesn’t, at least we have Mother Nature is on our side. The weather here has turned wonderful. And when the weather is warm, ear infections tend to disappear. So bring on the heat.

But by this point, Jaley doesn’t remember life without ear infections. She is turned into quite the little trooper. As long as we give her a little Baby Advil, she is ready to go on any adventure. This weekend we headed to the zoo. NC has a great state zoo, but for some odd reason it is located in Asheboro (about 90 minutes from Raleigh). So we put the DVD player in the car, loaded up the girls, and broke out the sunscreen for a great day of animal adventure. By the time we got home, we were all beat, but we had a great time.

And then there was the big project of the past two weeks. I redecorated the girls’ playroom. I was inspired by too much HGTV. And though no one from Martha Stewart has called me yet, I was really happy with how it turned out. I painted the walls and a small mural. I made the curtains and the animal pictures. I even have hung an extra curtain rod with clips, so Sarah (and Jaley soon) can hang all their artwork on the wall too. Sarah LOVES the room and I have definitely redeemed myself from the “Atomic Vomit Green” bathroom debacle last Fall.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Amazingly, I am turning 29 again. Scott is in CA for the week. When he booked the trip and didn’t realize that it was my birthday. Guilt is such a wonderful thing. He felt so bad about missing my birthday, that he has gone above and beyond to make it special day (week) for me. On Thursday he surprised me with a gourmet chocolate cake. On Friday, we got a sitter and had a wonderful dinner out. On Saturday, he came home with flowers. For tomorrow, he made plans for me with friends and bought another cake (this time ice cream) which is waiting in the freezer. I tell you, I think I want Scott to go out of town for all of my birthdays.

And the best part is that Scott isn’t the only one who outdid themselves for my birthday. Sarah looked through the Sunday circulars, picked out a gift for me, and took money out of her piggy bank to buy it (with a little help from Daddy). Sarah bought me my very own pair of Hot Pink Crocs (comfy plastic shoes for those who aren’t familiar). They are just like her pair of Crocs that she got from Mimi at Easter. So now, we match as we stroll through our day. I don’t think that I could love a gift more. And since I won’t be wearing any other shoes for a while, I am just going to have to go shopping to get more things in hot pink.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.


Priti said...

Happy Birthday Gigi! Hope you are enjoying your day with the girls and your lovely pink shoes. BTW - I think the playroom looks great too!! Have fun and hopefully we can chat soon!

Mike said...

Great read, Gigi! Happy Birthday! I really liked the polar bear pic. :o) And it looks like you did a great job on the playroom!