Friday, July 20, 2007

Gourmet from Cary

Rant of the Week
Scott tells everyone that he didn't marry me for my abilities in the kitchen. When he proposed, I barely knew how to boil water. As time has gone by, I learned the my way around the stove. I no longer shiver reading words like baste, broil, and braise. Although I still occasionally call my mother for advice, I can now turn out a pretty decent meal.

Having a skill doesn't necessarily mean using it. When Scott is away I regress to my dorm room days. Mac and Cheese rules the dinner table. Over the last two weeks, the girls and I have feasted on all things easy. The dishwasher hasn't seen this little action since before we had kids and still used to eat out all the time.

But Scott is back from two weeks of travel and I restocked the fridge yesterday, so I guess I better get back to cooking the family meal again. But not tonight, because it is Friday and this momma never cooks a big meal on Friday nights.

Life in the Stroller Lane
But not having KP duty doesn't mean that I haven't been busy. I am learning that selling a house is the same amount of work as buying one, but with more headaches. There are a few dinky shingle repairs that have to be made to the rental we are selling, and the buyers are insisting on a licensed roof contractor. That means that I am paying twice as much to get half the customer service. Roofers like big jobs, and a couple of shingles to seal isn't their idea of a high priority job. They have been stringing me along for a week. My patience was already worn thin, but now I have PMS too and am about fit to be tied.

In between tying up the loose ends to sell Unit #3 and desperately trying to re-rent Unit #2, I have been doing my full-time job of running this house and playing mommy. And Scott hasn't had a moment to spare either. He has been traveling the last couple of weeks and even when he was home, work was taking over just about all his free time. He got home from San Jose at 2AM last night and was back at the office first thing this morning. But things should slow down for him after today and the house closes in just over a week. So we are in the home stretch of this sprint and at the finish line is Jaley's 1st birthday - which is definitely something to celebrate.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.


Mike said...

Hang in there! There is also the reunion coming up, which will give you both a nice break! :o)

Cameron said...

Sounds pretty busy for you all. I think its neat that you've got your hands in the real estate business. Even though there are lots of headaches, I'm sure it will all pay off for you guys. Just remember you'll be relaxing on the beach in a matter of weeks! See you soon!