Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Did I move to Phoenix?

Rant of the Week
Did I move to Phoenix? It hasn't rained in about a month and yesterday the thermometer on my car said it was 107 outside. This is the land where 92 is considered hot and 100 isn't in the vocabulary. This August has been one for the record books. We have been sweltering and trying to avoid the outdoors during the heat of the day (which is currently from 6AM to 8PM). Of course, I complain about the heat as I sit in my air conditioned home. I really shouldn't be complaining at all, except that it's hot and everyone bitches when it's hot.

Life in the Stroller Lane
When I last left off we were off to the Myrtle Beach for Scott's family reunion. It was hot there too. With a heat index on the beach of 117, it made Raleigh's 107 seem cool . But the sun was
shining and the girls were up early, so we hit the pools, the beach, and the sand before the crowds or the heat. We built great sand castles and had a blast playing in the resort pools.

As promised I made use of the pool side bar and Scott played some golf. I definitely got the better end of that deal, because the guys almost melted on the back 9. It was great to see all of the family and finally meet Chip and Cindy's adorable twins. I can't wait until they're are just a little older, our kids, theirs, and the soon-to-debut Baby Teems will have great fun together at reunions to come.

After the beach, we were off again. Scott took
the girls to the mountains to meet up again with Jan and Mike. Thinking that they were would escape the heat, they stayed the week at a friends' cabin in the Boone area. But the mercury is high everywhere and the cabin didn't have AC, so summer was felt. Nonetheless, they had fun hiking and swimming at the pool. Mimi and Poppa treated Sarah to a special day at Tweetsie Railroad. It is an amusement park that's pretty much for kids 10 and under. Sarah had a blast and wore out her grandparents as she begged to ride every ride (twice).

I headed down to Florida to spend some time with my dad. He had minor surgery, which thankfully went well. And since the girls weren't in tow, we had a little quiet father-daughter time. Plus as a bonus, my mom drove over to Orlando for a quick visit too. So after the Beeman reunion, I got to have my own mini reunion too.

We all got home this weekend, but Scott flew to California at 6AM on Monday morning. He has been gone so much, I may have to give him directions home. The girls and I are hanging low and getting back into the regular routine (do we have one?) after all the fun adventures. Sarah has announced it is so hot here that we need to go swimming. I should take this as a teaching moment and explain the between needs and wants, but I tend to agree. So we are off to the pool to cool off.

That's the life in the stroller lane. Stay cool. Lots of love.

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