Saturday, August 4, 2007

One-year-olds Don't Need Birthday Parties

Rant of the Week
Jaley turned one last week. And I decided that to honor this momentous occasion we were not going to have a party. Sarah didn't have a party until she was three and even then I thought it might be too early. In my opinion kids need birthday parties, but one-year-olds only need need to eat a little cake and make a big mess.

So the decision was made - no party. Even if we don't have a party I need a few cupcakes. But, we aren't having a party. I need some of the cupcakes to take to the photographers for her one year pictures (check them out at: But, we aren't having a party. And I need some of them to take to daycare so she can share with her classmates. But, we aren't having a party. And if Jaley is having cupcakes at school, Sarah needs cupcakes at school too. But, we aren't having a party. And we were due to reciprocate in hosting our neighbors for a cookout, so we need some cupcakes for that night too. But, we aren't having a party. And then we needed some cupcakes for her actual birthday. But, we aren't having a party. Four dozen cupcakes later, we didn't have one party for Jaley - we had three. And in the end it will be four, because Jaley is still getting one more party when we are at the beach for Scott's family reunion so that Mimi and Poppa can celebrate too.

After a straight week of cupcakes, I am still on a sugar high and smiling from ear to ear. That plus the joy that Jaley is one. Her birthday is quite a milestone, it marks the transition from baby to toddler. And this mommy, is honestly not a baby person. Don't get me wrong, I loved my girls when they were infants. But something about the wobbly head always made me a little nervous. As Jaley moves into toddlerhood, it is a beautiful thing for me. She loves to give hugs and kisses. She waves hello and good-bye. She sleeps through the night. She plays with all her toys and squeals in delight. She doesn't need my boobs for nourishment. She chases the cats and yanks their tails. She pulls all the Tupperware out of the cabinets and revels in the mess she makes. She is fun to be around.

But as a seasoned mom, I know what the toddler years hold in store -tantrums and fights, stubbornness and tears. But any day, I will trade you any day a newborn with colic for a toddler having a tantrum. So hats off to Jaley for turning one. Scott and I are so happy that she is a big , beautiful girl now.

Life in the Stroller Lane
Jaley's birthday wasn't the only birthday of the week. Grandpa Perry (my dad) turned 70 on Saturday. It is definitely a milestone worth celebrating. But after 70 years, he is willing to let the exact day for visiting slide a bit. So, I am headed down in two weeks to see him in person.

Plus, life in real estate continues in full gear. In just one week, two families moved out, we did all the clean up and repairs, I sold one house, and I rented another. And though it has been a really busy couple of weeks, things should slow down drastically for me. I guess I will be back to bothering Scott about my next career pretty soon, but first the beach.

On Wednesday, we are headed south to Myrtle Beach to meet up with a posse of Scott's family for some much needed R&R. All of Scott's mom's side will be there. And since we aren't the only ones having kids these days, the family is getting bigger and bigger. I am fully planning to take advantage of the pool side bar at the hotel and having built in baby sitters (named Mimi and Poppa) nearby. Scott plans involve beer and hitting the links.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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Mike said...

Happy Birthday, Jaley!! See you all in Myrtle Beach!!