Monday, November 5, 2007

At least it wasn't the ER

Rant of the Week
After all my griping last week about Jaley's amazing climbing abilities, she had to go and prove what goes up must come down. And down she went, to the tune of three stitches on her eyebrow (click on the picture for a closer look). But for all of her death defying feats, her injury happened in the simplest of ways. She was standing on the ground (yes, terra firma) and I was right next to her (yes, I saw it happen). She reached for something next to the diaper bag, slipped, and fell a whopping 6 inches. That was all it took. She caught the corner of her eye on a hard edge and the rest is history.

I had to alert the staff at Linens N Things, who were way more freaked out than me. I think the poor manager saw lawsuit written in the Jaley's 15-month old teary eyes (though I have no plans ). Then I had to call Scott. Since my calls are usually of such a high priority when he is at work (honey, can you grab milk on your way home?), he didn't answer. But, I just kept dialing him until he did. After four successive calls, he figured I might not be crying wolf.

Then we were off to urgent care. The only good thing about urgent care is that it isn't the ER. The wait was an hour instead of three and stitching her up only took a few minutes instead of eons. Although the process was quicker, it wasn't any less painful (for Scott and I that is). Jaley, thanks to the xylocain, felt no pain. That didn't mean she was happy. They had to strap her down to keep her still. Although she will thank the doctor when she is 16 and doesn't have an ugly scar on her face, she was quite pissed about it that day. Scott bore the brunt of the doctor's visit and I tried to calm Sarah who was freaked out by the entire event. By the time we got home, we were all exhausted, but in one piece.

So all of Jaley's tricks were on Monday, leaving only treats for Halloween night. And while all the boys had their painted on stitches and scars, Jaley got to tout the real thing. Of course, the blue stitches matched perfectly with her fairy princess costume.

Life in the Stroller Lane
The rest of life is the usual - busy. Even with the bonus hour on Sunday, I am still behind. We had our block party on Saturday. After three days of straight rain the clouds parted and we had perfect weather. It was actually a little too sunny and I forgot the sunscreen on the girls (oops). Scott was on the road for Tuesday and most of Wednesday.

Of course, last week was candy week. We didn't just have our sugar rush after Trick-or-Treating, we made sure that we were flying high on all things candy all week. I sent Scott to work with the last of the stash and this week we are in detox mode. The girls had fun, though at Sarah demand they didn't wear either of the outfits that were purchased for them this year. I was all out of fight by then. According to Sarah, they were both princesses, though I am not quite sure what Sarah's outfit was. She put it together herself and it was good enough to fill her treat sack. That's all that really counts.

On Thursday I got lost in home improvement hell. My three hour project has turned into a three-week nightmare. All I want to do was re-stain the front porch. Home maintenance is never that easy. First, I had to replace some broken boards on the steps (not sure when that happened). Then, I found out our stain color was discontinued and I couldn't find a close match (I really tried). With no other choice, I had to strip off the old stain and start anew (perfect). It sounded so easy from the clerk at Home Depot, but trust me it isn't. Plus the toxic warning label had me worried I might grow a second head while using the stuff. It took all of Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning, but the old stain is gone. After three weeks and countless trips to hardware stores, I am finally ready to re-stain the front porch. I let you know how that goes this week.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.