Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm not a Sweat Pant Mom

Rant of the Week
The other day, I was proclaiming to a friend that I am not one of those mom's that spends her entire life in sweat pants. But, then I got to thinking...

Yes, I wear them to the gym, because everyone does in the winter. Yes, I wear them after the gym when I run errands, because the stores are right next to the gym. Yes, I wear them when I'm cleaning, because who wants to scrub the toilets wearing something nice. Yes, I wear them at night, because everyone wants to be comfy at the end of the day. Yes, I am wearing them right now, because I know I'll make a mess when I paint the mailbox this afternoon.

And after all that thinking I realize, "Uh-oh, I am one of those sweat pant moms!!!" I wear sweat pants everyday. Oh yes, I still have some cute clothes tucked in the closet. They make their appearance for date nights and special events, but my modus operandi revolves around what I wear to the gym - sweat pants. I am a sweat pant mom.

And as I think a little more, I start to worry that the crew of "What Not to Wear!" is going to attack me at any moment. I am a poster child for the show. My hair is in a pony tail, there is no make-up on my face, and my clothes are fleece and wrinkled. But, just as I start getting down on myself about my lack style, I am hit with my most brilliant thought yet. So What?

So what, if I wear sweat pants at the gym. I am too old for most of the spandex and Lycra crap anyhow. So what, if I wear sweat pants at the store. The sign at the door says shirt and shoes required, I have both. So what, if I wear sweat pants at the house. The Queen of England isn't coming for a visit. So what if I wear sweat pants!

Life with small kids involves spills and messes, chasing and crawling, cleaning and cooking. It is a life that is immensely easier in machine washable, comfy clothes. No one makes fun of a farmer wearing overalls or a painter in a smock. The uniform should make the job easier and for moms that means sweat pants. Yes, there are a few women that tote the kids while wearing cashmere and heels, but for the rest of us, I say, "Who cares!" I am proud to wear sweat pants.

Life in the Stroller Lane
Since my last post, Sarah turned into a big girl. She is now four years old. The double party for Sarah and Cassie was lots of fun. The weather prevented any outside play, so the kids just took over the house and played inside. Keeping in mind that we were hosting a gaggle of four and five year-olds, the party went surprisingly smooth. Only one Band-Aid (R) was needed.

We also had a great visit with Mimi & Poppa. The threat of snow (which never materialized) canceled our plans to take Mimi out for a special (guess which year) birthday dinner. Instead, we spared no expense and fed her hot dogs and hamburgers. So we are in the owe to Mimi for an evening out.

Scott's birthday is this Friday. He'll probably get hot dogs and hamburgers too, because he already had his splurge. He bought himself a flat-panel TV. We spent the weekend getting everything set up (why are there so many cables), and are ready for the Super Bowl. Though with kick-off at 6:18pm and Jaley's bedtime around 7pm, we won't be doing much partying. So Scott finally has the TV he has always wanted and I didn't have to shop for him for his birthday or Christmas. All is happy here.

So now I am off to paint the mailbox in my sweat pants.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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