Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Live

Life in the Stroller Lane
Any comments about things being live, probably makes you worry. What's in that Tupperware at the back of my fridge? How long has the milk been fermenting in that sippy cup under our couch? Why is Orkin on our speed dial? While all legitimate questions, live this time means something completely harmless.

The new Triangle Mom 2 Mom website is Live. It went live today and my first blog post is on Friday. Yes, look for fun and frolic each and every Friday. If you like what you see, please write the editor and let her know.

Although I have spent plenty of time reading about all the happenings for Moms in the Triangle at the new website. In between, we plug through our regular routine here. Scott's in town; Sarah has been extra sweet; Jaley is enjoying her Easter candy; and I have been working at the rentals. Yard work (by me), new flooring (by professionals), and one new door lock (by me, the old one broke). Lots of showing, but no buyers - YET. We will decide our next step at the end of April. Will we re-rent one or both of them? Better yet, we will do neither if buyers arrive. Time will tell.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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