Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Walt Disney Meets the New Testament

Rant of the Week
Last night Sarah wanted to tell me a story. I always love her stories. She may simply recount of the days events or weave an elaborate tale full of fantasy and adventure - you never know what you're going to get.

And so she began with one from the Disney vaults...or so I thought.

"Once upon a time, there was a royal family. There was a king, a queeen, a princess, and a baby princess. Mommy, this was just like our family, except they wore tiaras (it's her story not mine, no need to correct on the whole crown thing). One day, the queen-mommy and the king-daddy went out. The two princesses were home alone. Then, the door bell rang. The big 4-year-old princess knew she wasn't allowed to open the door. She gets in trouble for opening the door without 'mission,' but she did it anyways. Jesus was at the door."

Yes, that is right. Sarah just mixed Jesus right into her fairy princess story. I fell down on the ground laughing. Not almost fell on the ground, actually fell on the ground.

My only response , "If Jesus knocks on our door, you can open it without permission."

This story definitely proves that we did not go to church this weekend. Since Sarah knows of Jesus, it also proves that we do go to church sometimes. As for how much, I will leave it as more than only Christmas and Easter and less than every week.

Life in the Stroller Lane

This week was full of lots of fun stuff.
  • As an Earth Day follow on, I just found out my friends from GT, Chrissy and Rob Bramhall, bought a Prius. They give me and my green ways something to which to aspire.
  • Thursday, I turned one undisclosed year older. Stephanie had us over for a wonderful birthday dinner that involved (too much) wine. I decided not to pity being a year older, so I found ways to Cure the Common Birthday.
  • Friday, the girls and I picked a mountain of strawberries at the local farm. Our fingers are still stained red and when it wears off we plan to go and pick some more.
  • Saturday morning, Sarah and I ran in the Angels Among Us 5K. Sarah ran about a mile of the race; I was so proud of her. I brought the jogging stroller as a back up and pushed her the rest of the way. We both got great workouts and supported a great cause.
  • Saturday night, Scott and I had a birthday feast at the Carolina Inn. Only I would turn charity into a discount. Through a charity auction, we won a certificate for dinner at the Carolina Inn with a $51 bid. The charity stated the value at $50. When we arrived at the restaurant they let us know the value was actually $100. Lucky us. We totally indulged. It was delicious and the service was impeccable.
In between all that fun and celebrating, we worked with our noses to the grindstone, too. Scott is working a ton - late nights and weekends. I am working on the final details for the closing at one of the rentals. The repairs are finished and just a few more lose ends need to be tied. I am trying every creative way I can think of to find a buyer for the other house. In the last 8 days their have been 9 showings and really good feedback. So we just need "the one" to walk through the door. If you are curious what this homes look like, check it out at: 113 Love Valley Drive. Around the house, I am on a mission to unclutter. Six years, two kids, and a tons of stuff later, this house needs to be cleared out. You may even be able to hang things in the closets when I'm done.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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Sara said...

The Fairy Tale/Lord our God story is HILARIOUS! What is up with these sweet girls? My daughter usually incorporates Jesus in some shape or form into her stories or drawings too. LOL