Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Roller Coaster

Life in the Stroller Lane

This weekend was a roller coaster ride. Like all roller coaster rides, there were highs and lows, but we finished up at the same place we started. Scott, I and the girls were over at the remaining rental house unloading a bunch of "stuff." And by "stuff," I mean most anything that is decorative in our house. I stole most of wall hangings, floral arrangements, lamps, towels, kitchen decor, and furniture from our own house to stage up the rental. Who cares if our house is barren, as long as that one looks warm and inviting. We want to show a buyer what a great home it is. We were finishing up when an agent and her buyers walk up. I know from the agent's name that it is a second showing from the day before. The buyers ask me a million questions while we are loading the car to leave (up we go).

Within the hour, the agent calls to say they are writing an offer (up to the top). I receive the offer and it sucks (down we go). They make a second offer and it is in the ballpark, but low (still it's an up). Going through the standard house buying process, we counter their offer (still an up). They come back and say money is tight, what can we do? We say, let's meet in the middle (now were headed down). It is already into the evening; they decide to sleep on it. In the morning, they say it is still too much for them (still headed down). Their second offer was lower than we hoped, but we decide to make the best of it, and agree to their terms (on an up swing). They respond that they changed their mind entirely and withdraw their offer (down, down, down and the ride is over).

The buyers' agent gave the “reason” that the couple needed to talk with family to come up with more money. When I pressed harder, she said they went looking at more houses yesterday (while they were in the middle of negotiating with me) and they have their eye on one of those. Also, according to their agent they are coming in tomorrow night to “discuss” those houses further (which I am sure means write another offer). What they did was totally legal, but not very considerate. If you really want a house, you don't go shopping for more while an offer is on the table.

In short, this roller coaster ride wasted most of the day Saturday and a bunch of emotion, but we exited right where we started. That said, if this is the type of folks with which I was dealing; it would have been a long road to closing. And they may have tried to weasel out of their contract anyhow. They were already trying to discuss home inspector topics before they even had a home inspector at the house.

It will all work out for the best. It is a great house and will be even better tomorrow when all of the decorations are in place. I have had one offer and another person who came for 3 showings (we ended up #2 for him) in the last 8 days. The house looks better than any I have seen in the neighborhood, PLUS it is a very good price.

That was more info than you probably wanted/needed, but I feel better getting it off my chest
. I’ll pay you for the counseling session later.

As for the rest of life. It's cruising along nicely. Over the weekend we went to Duke gardens to admire the spring flowers. We stumbled across an outdoor brunch for Duke alumni. We tried to blend in and score free food and mimosas. Apparently the "no free lunch" clause applies to brunch, too. Scott was wearing a Georgia Tech t-shirt. Our plan was foiled.

Speaking of Scott, he left for California yesterday. As usual, he is gone all week. I treated the girls and took them to a jumpy place this morning. After all that jumping, Sarah is lounging on the couch and Jaley is napping soundly. I guess it ended up being a treat for me, too. On Wednesday, Grandpa Perry is arriving. I am not sure who is more excited the girls or my dad. Either way, we are looking forward to a good visit.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it helps if I add a few explanations. Jaley accomplished this feat unassisted. This climb officially means no child proof spots remain in our house. Yes, that is a small oven, a toaster and knives behind them. Yes, I'm glad they chose the band-aids over the myriad of dangerous items. No, I don't know what I am going to do now.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of love.


Pamela said...

Hi Gigi...a "Mommy" friend from my son's playgroup sent me the link to the new Mom2Mom blog on Friday and I saw you there and followed your link here. We went to KFBS together, so I thought I'd say Hi. I'm a mom now too - Diego, 13 months - and living in Raleigh. Good to see you're doing well! I've enjoyed your blog so far. Shoot me an email sometime at gmail. Pamela.j.santos

Di said...

Don't you feel like those people cheated on you? And in the earliest stages of the relationship when they should have been SO into you! How degrading. So you find yourself wondering what that other house has that you don't have, what needs it satisfies that you can't. I understand...and if you read my post this Saturday on Mom2Mom, you will understand how much.

BTW, my husband is gone during the week a bunch too, so if you and your little ones want to join me and my big ones for dinner or something sometime, let me know.