Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Word of the Day - Contract

Life in the Stroller Lane
According to Dictionary.com, Contract is a noun meaning:
1.an agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of something specified.
2.an agreement enforceable by law.

And with that simple word, one of our rental houses is no longer for sale. We verbally agreed to the terms, are signing the contract tonight, and the closing is tentatively scheduled for May 9, 2008. Was is last week's new flooring, yard work, or replaced lock? Who knows, who cares. The house is now under contract and no longer up for sale. The buyers saw what we already knew, we were selling a great house in a great location with great public schools at a great price. And since, I feel like saying great just one more time, this contract is great news.

With a contract, I can focus on more important things, like play dates. That is just what I did. I invited the neighbors over on Monday afternoon. However, with only children of the girls variety our toy selection leans heavily to the female side of things. The neighbor's sons were forced to make due with Sarah's dress up collection. I extend my apologies now for any embarrassment these pictures cause in the future, but these pictures were just too hard to resist.

Now the disclaimer. If you read last week's update you are definitely wondering about the new blog on the new site. Technical delays abounded and the launch was delayed. However, I just received word that the site is up and running. Check out Triangle Mom 2 Mom (www.trianglemom2mom.com/).

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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