Thursday, May 29, 2008

I am Not a Man

Life in The Stroller Lane
After yesterday's long and difficult post, I wanted to share a bit of good news. It seems that I am not a man. You probably already knew this and I guess I did too, but that whole hernia thing had me wondering. I went for a follow up visit with the surgeon today. The second level tests revealed that while I have a weakened area in the muscle, I don't have a true hernia.

That was great news for me. I really didn't want to be that random lady with guy issues. But even more important, I don't need surgery (for now). We just wait and see. Hopefully it will be a heal thyself situation. If not, I'll cross that bridge in July, because June is all about fun. The doctor's advice was rest and relaxation, plus another refill on my feel-no-pain prescriptions. If you find me sipping a margarita lounging at the pool, remember it was doctor's orders.

That is Life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.


Di said...

I want that doctor's phone number! Does insurance cover him telling you to rest and relax? Does he put it in writing for your husband?

Beth said...

Sip away! Hope you're feeling much better soon.