Friday, June 6, 2008

Life Interrupted

Life in the Stroller Lane
I swore that June would be all about fun. But I forgot about one detail - regular life is still in high gear. Yes, the plan was for a whole month of fun, but the laundry, the dishes, and the bills aren't cooperating. In fact, they didn't get attended to for much of May, so they are now in a full fledged revolt. That plus the real estate stuff, acting as executor of my dad's estate, catching up on all my columns for the newspaper, and my "little" job as mommy, are leaving me playing more roles than a one man show doing a five act play.

Here was just one twenty minute span this afternoon:

  • 12:00: I start to put together lunch for the girls.
  • 12:02: My cell phone rings. It is the plumber at the rental asking questions for the water heater permit (yes, in Cary replacing a water heater needs a permit - go figure).
  • 12:04: House phone rings. It is the attorney's office in Florida about starting the (horrible) probate process. I put them on hold.
  • 12:05: I finish up with the plumber on the cell.
  • 12:06: I continue with the lawyer. One of the documents that I sent earlier in the week is the wrong one. I need to resend...
  • 12:08: Jaley has dumped the peaches I put out for lunch on the floor. I look up and realize the girls are still waiting for the rest of their lunch.
  • 12:09: I find out what I need to send to the lawyer, and hang up before saying good-bye. Jaley is on the verge of making a giant mess and Sarah is looking to start a hunger riot.
  • 12:10: I put together a little more of the girls.
  • 12:13: My cell phone rings. I see it is the real estate agent from the house we sold two weeks ago. I have been waiting to hear from her on a final detail and decide to take the call. She tells me she is only calling to update me that there is no update. She'll get back to me next week.
  • 12:14: Back to lunch.
  • 12:15: The door bell rings. It is the UPS man with a think envelope of papers the bank has sent about my dad's estate. I throw that 2 pound document on my desk and reside that it constitutes about 2 hours of work for later.
  • 12:16: I put out the last of lunch.
  • 12:17: The girls have feasted on the first two courses and aren't hungry anymore. I start to clean up the lunch dishes.
  • 12:20: The buzzer on the dryer goes off and my cell phone rings. I ignore both.

I like to do things one at a time, but all this stuff is urgent and happening simultaneously. I just bounce from thing to thing. Right now, I think I am trying to juggle more personalities than Sally Field in Sybil. Yesterday, I asked the handyman about estate documents. That was when I decided I it might be time to call it quits for the day.

So I am still swearing that June is about fun. But, I have decided that fun means I just have to enjoy this ride. The closing is in a week. Once I get the final documents to the lawyer, probate is in the slow moving hands of the courts. And, in just two weeks is vacation. It will all get done. But this afternoon, the mercury says 97. We are setting up the baby pool under the shade of our one big tree and calling it quits early - it's Friday.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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Di said...

Our "job" is tough because there's no going home at 5 or 6 p.m. So even though the constant multi-tasking is having diminishing returns on results, we get pigheaded and just keep soldiering on.