Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Owner's Manual

Life in the Stroller Lane
Scott and I are outta here! We cashed in all of our frequent flier miles and all of our "grandparent" miles. We are headed to Alaska - just the two of us - for 10 days. Why 10 days? Because we have been married 10 years (almost). This trip is in special honor of our upcoming milestone anniversary. After 10 years, much has changed. Our family of two is now a family of four, life in the city is now a life in the suburbs, and our two-bedroom apartment is now a four-bedroom house. About the only thing the same is our cat, Buford. He, like Scott and I, is in it for the long haul.

Nana is arriving tomorrow evening. Scott and I depart before the birds on Friday morning (6/20). Mid-week, Mimi and Poppa are trading spots with Nana. Scott and I return with the owls on Sunday evening (6/29). I will definitely bore you with all the trip details upon our return, but today is about the preparation.

We all know that raising kids is hard work. Heck, many (me) call it the toughest job of all. It turns our that the only thing harder than raising your own kids, it having someone else do it for a week.

It isn't about ability. Nana, Mimi, & Poppa all have several decades of high quality parenting experience. Just look how well, Scott and I turned out.

It is about logistics. It turns out that managing Sarah and Jaley is tremendously complicated. There is what to bring to day care, which is different than what to bring to Spanish Class. There are maps and directions to get around the winding Cary streets. There are the keys for the house, the car, the pool, the day care, and the code for the Spanish Class Door. There are the dates and times and schedules. There is the list of TV channels, because my girls can not live without Noggin and Preschool on Demand. There is the list of play places - indoor and out - because being stuck in the house is the definition of cabin fever. And of course, there is the list of doctors, dentists, and neighbors - just in case. As well as, the list of where we will be - again just in case. And more, and more, and more.

As I started to write this stuff down, I realized what was really required. It is the OFFICIAL SARAH & JALEY OWNER'S MANUAL. There is no information on actually how to care for the girls. As I said, they are going to the most capable hands. Instead, it is an entire packet of how to shuttle the kids for 10 days.

The Sarah & Jaley Owner's Manual

Included inside are lots of instructions, but no guidance on how to correct sticker overload.

Have a great week. We know we will.

That is life in stroller lane. Lot of Love.


lottery draw said...

Damu pa kmu to?.. Nano ni klase blog man?

Priti said...

Have a great vacataion - so glad that you and Scott will have a chance to relax and spend some QT together for 10 whole days! Can't wait to hear all about the adventures when you get back - sorry we didn't get to talk this week but definitely will plan a good catch up when you return. Enjoy and safe travels!