Monday, June 9, 2008

Picnics, Perspiring, Pig Tails, Playing & Pain

Life In the Stroller Lane
It is hot here. A beautiful spring ended and a very hot summer began this weekend. Hot to the tune of 102. So unless you live in Arizona (where hot has a whole different scale), it is hot, really hot.

What do you do when it is hot? Go for a picnic, of course. And to make it all the more sweltering begin the picnic at noon, so you get the most heat possible.

This Saturday was the annual picnic for Sarah and Jaley's school. We missed the fun event the past two years, so we (I) were determined to attend this year. We arrived just as things got underway. We hid in the shade of the trees for a few minutes, but then ventured to the playground. The playground equipment was literally "burn your skin" hot. One poor child found out the hard way. That was when we decided that if we had missed the past two picnics, what was one more. We left our appetizer for the others and went to a place with AC.

And that place was not our home!!! Our upstairs AC is broken. OK, it is working a little bit. The upstairs does cool down to about 80 degrees by 2AM. As the sun crests in the morning, it gets hotter from there. I called the repair folks today. It turns out we aren't the only ones with AC troubles - surprise, surprise. The forecast stays around 100 degrees for the rest of the week; they can squeeze us in Friday. The week will be just perfect (for Scott who is in CA until Friday) and perspiring (for Jaley, Sarah, and I)!!!

This blog isn't for bitching (OK, sometimes it is), it's is for bragging. I will do just that. Do you remember the Hair Cut Disaster of 2007 (when Sarah cut her own hair)?. I am SO PROUD to write that after a year of growing and a colossal amount of patience, Sarah once again has girl hair. On Saturday, for the FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE, we put her hair in PIG TAILS.

Such a momentous event, could not go unsupported, so Jaley and I donned pig tails, too.

Since, our lives have been all work and no play recently, Scott and I both indulged this weekend. He went out on a guy's night out Friday and Stephanie and Sarah treated me to an evening out on Sunday. Since my birthday evening out was canceled eons ago, we celebrated my 34 1/4 birthday. Then we vowed to celebrate each of our quarter birthdays, meaning that we would have to have a girls' night out at least once a month.

While Scott and I were playing, don't think Sarah was left out. She hosted her first spend the night on Friday evening. I didn't get the girls down until 11PM, but otherwise it went amazingly well. No tears and no middle of the night phone calls. Nina and Sarah have earned their spend the night stripes and are cleared for another as soon as we can find a free weekend.

That only left Jaley out of special play time. Saturday night we tried to rectify that by taking her and Sarah to the mall for playtime at the inside (and heavily air conditioned) play ground and a special dinner out at Chick-Fil-A (that is 5 star in kid-speak). Unfortunately, not five minutes into our playtime, I hear Jaley crying and see Scott's face. He didn't speak a word, his face said it all. She was hurt and not the Dora Band-aid kind of hurt. She was screaming and pointing to her little left arm. We weren't sure what was wrong, but knew it required more than Dr. Mom. Lucky for us, it was 5:55. We called a nearby pediatric urgent care (sorry to say they are on our speed dial). They were closing at 6:00, but said they would wait for us. Her arm was swollen and we feared a break. The doc came in and said that it could be a break, but it was more likely a dislocated elbow. With Jaley in the stroller, she "took a look at the arm." Next thing I know Jaley lets out one cry and the doc says it fixed. Just one quick twist by a trained professional and Jaley was healed in under a minute. She was playing with toys a minute after that. And by the time five minutes had passed, we were out the door and off to dinner. Jaley acted as if nothing had happened. Scott and I said a word of thanks that it wasn't more serious, vowed to make sure we were more careful with her, and took a count of the new gray hairs.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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Di said...

Ouch! That's for you...not her. I'm sure it was more painful for you!