Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Strange Packing

Life in the Stroller Lane
We are leaving tomorrow first thing, so we needed to pack today. If TSA checks our bags, they may wonder a bit. Our suitcases are a strange mix of items. In honor of our luggage, here is a Thursday Thirteen of the crap we are packing.

Thursday Thirteen - What's In Our Luggage
  1. Full Winter Gear. This includes hats, gloves, and my heavy ski jacket. It is what I always envisioned packing for a trip at the summer solstice.
  2. Bug Spray. Enough of it to kill a bear. Rumor has it that one week enjoying the Alaska mosquitoes will redefine my definition of bug problem.
  3. One Fodor's Alaska Guide Book. For regular folks, this would be normal, but I just love guide books. Constraining myself to just one is a minor miracle.
  4. Enough Books & Magazines to Fill a Bookstore. My constraint with in the guide book department was lost in the pleasure reading one. With two young kids, reading (other than Dr. Suess) is a distant memory. From the looks of my carry on, I am assuming that I can make up for four year's worth of reading in 10 days.
  5. A Cell Phone. I am not really sure why we are bringing this. The state is 570,000 sq. miles and a population of only 670,000 people. That is almost 1 sq. mile / person. How do you think coverage will be outside of Anchorage? My cell is my security blanket and I don't care, I am bringing it along.
  6. Plastic Pants. Technically the pants are made from some fancy fabric, but they feel like plastic to me. It turns out that when it isn't snowing it is raining, so even more than in the lower 48, one must be prepared (sadly foregoing stylish).
  7. Clothes that Wick. Poor, comfortable, economical cotton has been thrown aside in favor of these new, fancy, pricey fabrics. I guess as a society we are still allowed to sweat, but with these new materials it is no longer allowed to touch our bodies.
  8. Impaling Devices. Technically, they are hiking poles. But, when they are folded up and you only see a handle and the sharp tip, they look a bit scary. Just for the record and for TSA's sake, these will be in our checked luggage.
  9. No Laptop. Scott is banned from bringing his laptop. For the first time in over five years, he is not bringing his laptop on vacation. It shows true love and devotion to me (or maybe just this trip when you see #11).
  10. Bear Bell. It was still sitting around from our days hiking around California. I don't really think it will save us from a grizzly, but (good news) we don't plan to be hanging out close to them anyhow.
  11. Flannel Pajamas. Nothing says romantic anniversary trip, like flannel pajamas. I am from Florida and I only do the cold from the protection of cozy flannel. Sorry Scott.
  12. Binoculars and a Camera with a Good Zoom Lens. When we went to Yellowstone we had neither. I vowed then and there I would never go to another National Park without both. This time - problem solved.
  13. High Heals. Most of the stuff above is silly, but packing heals is just plain stupid. I don't need heals in Alaska. In fact, they may be banned from most national parks. But, I wasn't going on a trip for our 10th anniversary without bringing at least one dressy outfit. I am already guessing it will stay in the suitcase the entire trip.
Nana arrived last night and we are outta here tomorrow morning. Have a great day and catch you in July.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of love.


amy said...

I have definetly not seen this list before. Very cool@ You have some great stuff in your luggage

Mines up over at Random Thoughts and I have a fun question for any readers!

Have a good day!

Peter Plum said...

Do I own flannel pajamas? In any case, hope you have a great trip.

Happy TT!

Rims said...

Ha Ha...pack it all...have a great time

Happy TT!

Always Been Different said...

Looks like you have planned for everything including the "High Heels"...cause a girl just never knows when she might need them LOL!

Di said...

I too am a guidebook hoarder. It's so funny because I do SO MUCH online. But I must have guidebooks for travel. I wouldn't even enjoy a vacation if someone just swept me off with no preparation. I need to do the whole guidebook thing.

We are going to Paris and northern Italy next April. I just bought THREE on Paris, one on France in general and one on Italy.