Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth of July Fun

Stroller Lane
We decided that if one trip was good then two trips would be even better. So we returned home, washed the clothes, repacked, and left four days later. We joined Mimi and Poppa in the NC Mountains at their new cabin.

For those who haven't seen the place yet (which is everyone, since they just arrived a few days before we did), it is beautiful. As usual, Jan's master design and decorating skills produced A+ results. It is the beautiful to look at but also so comfortable and inviting to live in. I left with a whole list of ideas for our abode in Cary. Lowe's and Home Depot here I come.

It was great to spend time in the mountains. The highlight was the arrival of Auntie Em. We haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, so spending an entire weekend together was very special. While we were away, we made sure to play. Sarah went to the pool with Mimi & Emily. I took Jaley on a hike - either she is getting getting too heavy for the backpack or I am out of shape (I'll let you decide which one). Scott and Mike golfed a bit. We watched fireworks from their back deck. We set off our own (little) fireworks on the front driveway. We played poker (Emily cleared us all out). And the day it rained, we just hung out and enjoyed a quiet day.

Now we are back at home and I am doing laundry again. However, this time the suitcases are put away. No trips planned for at least a little while.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.