Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heavy on the House Projects

Stroller Lane
July is house month around here. I am used to juggling one project at a bunch of houses. So now that we only have one house, I guess its time to juggle a bunch of projects instead. What am I doing? The list is long, not quite long enough for a Thursday Thirteen, but I'll tell you anyhow.

Closet Control
As of today, I have taken 6 trunk loads of stuff to Goodwill and overfilled the trash can the past two weeks. As scary as that is, I still have my closet, the girls' rooms, the playroom, the garage, and the attic to go. All are very scary places. I swear the stuffed animals get together in the toy box at night and make more stuffed animals.

Third Time's A Charm in the Girls' Bathroom
Do you remember the Atomic Vomit Green incident of 2006? If not, just trust me that it didn't look as bright on the paint chip as it did on the wall. Even with a repaint last year, the bathroom still didn't as HGTV would say "pop." Or maybe it was that it "popped" too much. Either way, I bought some new accessories and now the bathroom is so girly and so cute.

Finally Porch Furniture

We started building (by building I mean hired a contractor) our screened porch and deck a year ago. Until now it has remained (unlike the rest of the house) uncluttered. And by uncluttered, I mean empty - no furniture. No one sells patio furniture in the winter and whenever we tried to buy in the spring it was out of stock. So we gave up and figured we would buy furniture next year. Then last weekend, Home Depot had a tent out. I couldn't pass up a tent sale, so I pulled in. And there it was, our entire patio set - on sale and fully assembled. I even had a 10% off coupon in the car. It was my lucky day. I bought it on the spot and we have eaten dinner out there every night since. We still have to do some landscaping (this fall) and I need a couple of small items, but after a year the porch is almost done. And by 2010, we may finish those last few items.

Bye-Bye Brass Monkey
Most of the hardware (knobs, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc.) in our house is of the brass variety. While all of these items are still in perfectly good working order and it is pretty silly to swap them, I have decided to live life on the edge. After seeing Jan's mountain house, I decided it was time to say good-bye brass and hello oiled bronze. I counted up today, just in the door hinge category, I have 63 to swap out. By the time I finish changing everything, brass is going to be the latest trend again. Oh well, it will be an adventure.

Summer Fun
Projects included, I am holding true to making this a summer of fun. Jaley turns two next week (no, I can't believe it). To help celebrate, Mimi & Poppa are visiting for the the weekend. Sarah is attending an Immersion Spanish Camp once a week. We figure that someone in the house should be bilingual, since Scott and I are stuck in the Press 1 for English category. I am enjoying the break from real estate and the chance to catch up on my long to-do list. Scott, as always, is working lots. But, he is making time for a bit of fun. He is meeting the guys for b-ball tonight. It has been so long since he had a chance to play, his b-ball shoes were dusty (literally)

And what does Scott think about all these projects? He supports the Summer Fun initiative 100%. The other items he supports in theory, but I don't know where his approval rating will be when the Visa bill arrives.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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Di said...

If brass comes back, I'm in trouble because I am going to have a house full of brushed stainless. If I ever get in the ****-ing house!!!

Immersion Spanish??? I want details! I might like to sign my kids up. Does it involve real in water...because that would be pretty cool.