Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursay Thirteen - Not So Terrible Twos

Life in the Stroller Lane
Jaley turns two on Sunday. Yes, my baby is no longer a baby. We are already full steam into the terrible twos (in fact, we believe she entered that stage at 11 months). However, in honor of her birthday, I wanted to make a Thursday Thirteen list of some of the great things about Jaley and her turning two. Here goes.

  1. Hugs & Kisses. Nothing beats getting hugs and kisses from your kids. It is better than Prozac, red wine, and chocolate combined.
  2. Sister Idol. If Sarah asked, Jaley would follow her into Hell itself. Luckily Sarah's requests are (usually) more benign. It is so great to watch the love between these sisters (that is in between the constant fights).
  3. Daddy Love. Jaley worships Scott. In her eyes, he hung the moon. Who am I to say he didn't - I love so much him too.
  4. Talking. It is great to have entered the stage where Jaley can tell us what she needs. Now we only need to learn how to sort all the "need" requests from the infinite "want" requests.
  5. Walking. Yes, she has been doing this for over a year, but she does so much more of it now. For the first time since becoming a parent, I am not constantly picking up kids. Now if only Scott would stop asking me to carry him :)
  6. Sleeping. Do you remember that Jaley didn't sleep through the night for her entire first year? I do and have the new wrinkles to prove it. I am thankful every morning that she sleeps through at night.
  7. Dancing. Jaley loves to dance. So far she has the best rhythm of anyone in the house.
  8. Dress Up. Jaley is our 'girly' girl. She uses Sarah's dress up clothes way more than Sarah. More than once she has demanded to wear a tiara to the store. It's kind of ironic that Sarah's name is the one that translates to princess.
  9. Play Time. Hide and Seek, I Spy, it doesn't matter. Jaley loves to play.
  10. Tickles. Jaley is so ticklish. It is adorable. Her laughter fills the room.
  11. Don't Mess with Jaley. Jaley is usually around Sarah's buddies who are much older and bigger. I never have to worry, because Jaley can hold her own.
  12. Bribery. I, of course, would never bribe my children. Just in case, you should know that with the offer to watch Dora on TV, Jaley will comply with almost any request.
  13. Another Year Together. One year older means that Jaley has been a part of my life for one more year. That is the best part of all.
While a Thursday Thirteen list is good, don't think that is all that will happen for Jaley's b-day. Mimi & Poppa are arriving tomorrow. We are headed to Marbles Kids Museum and then having too much cake and ice cream after. In just a bit, I am headed to Jaley's school to deliver cup cakes. So by the time Sunday arrives and Jaley officially turns two, she will have had a full schedule of celebrating.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.


Sarah Carson said...

Happy Birthday Jaley! As the mom of two of those "older friends" - I can attest she can definitely hold her own! Beautiful, smart, assertive - what else could you ask of a two year old?

Suzanna said...

Happy birthday, Jaley!

NurseExec said...

Happy birthday to your lovely one. A great TT for her birthday.

Di said...

As someone whose birthday almost always falls on a three-day weekend, I believe there can never be such a thing as too much celebration! Enjoy, Jaley!

Crazy Beth in Orlando said...

A big wish and a kiss to Jaley for a Happy Birthday! Wow, that's wonderful that you'll have your very own big girl bed,too!