Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - What's in My Closet

Life in the Stroller Lane
I started a spring cleaning mission back in the spring. Then life got in the way and here it is the middle of summer. I am trying to pick up where I left off. When we moved into our house, we never dreamed that we could fill it up. In fact, we used to dream of one day having furniture in all the rooms. Now nearly 7 years (yes, that many), 2 kids, and a zillion shopping trips later the house is full. Actually, over stuffed is a better term.

So I am sorting through and clearing out. Here is a list of thirteen random things I found in the large downstairs junk closet.
  1. Sweat Band. Circa 1982. I have no idea where it came from. If we keep it another 10 years it should be back in style.
  2. Fire Extinguisher. Tucked behind 300 lbs of other crap. That location would definitely have been a help during an actual fire.
  3. Coloring Books. Thirty-seven of them to be exact. We can color until 2020.
  4. Crayons. All blunt and/or broken. Which is quite ironic given the number of coloring books we have.
  5. Golf Clubs. Three sets, yet no one plays. Scott wishes to play, but he never has the time.
  6. Golf Tees. Dozens of them spilled all over the floor, like little poking land mines.
  7. Two Rug Cleaners. One big and one small. Both at the front of the closet and required for use almost daily.
  8. Five Coolers, Various Sizes. You never know when we are going to host a picnic for 120 people.
  9. Dubble Bubble Bubble Gum. Jumbo size bag that has been sitting since Sarah & Cassie's double birthday party. After six months the gum balls were now stronger than cement.
  10. Water Pitcher. Used every morning to water the hanging plants on our front porch. At this time of the summer those flowers are about the only vegetation in our yard that is still alive.
  11. Fold Up Poker Table. Scott is going to see this and immediately "remind" me he wants to host the guys for poker.
  12. Georgia Tech Football Game Pom-Poms. I haven't been to a game since I was pregnant with Sarah. Each year I keep hoping that it is "the year" that I can see a game in person.
  13. Everything From BJ's Warehouse Store. All the jumbo items (96 rolls of toilet paper, 160 diapers, 14 lbs of Goldfish, etc.) that won't fit anywhere else in the house.
What's in your closet? That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.


Geriatric Nursing said...

Pretty good list! I'm sure I have more than 13 cabinets and drawers to clean out. You are way ahead of me!

bellamocha said...

Yeah, it's scary what we find hiding away isn't it! At leats your golf club and tees were together! When you do host that picnic for 120 people, let me know. I'll be the 121st!

Great T13, thanks!
Mine's up at:


Joyce said...

With all those things in your closet, it's easy to tell you're a busy family. That's why you need all those ice chests. :P

Happy T13.

Monday through Sunday said...

Stuff! I just gave away everything we did not use in the is SO nice! Open and clear!

Tuppence said...

I haven't even gotten brave enough to open some of the closets around here, so my hat's off to you!