Friday, August 8, 2008

Now the Drama - Crap, I am a Man

Life in the Stroller Lane
Yesterday was about the fun, today, I write about the drama at our house.

Do you remember the I am Not a Man post in May? I guess I fibbed. That whole hernia problem never did go away. I actually thought the problem was getting better. Our big, wild trip to Alaska was virtually pain-free. However, looking back that I probably just willed and medicated the pain away.

The week after we returned, the pain was back and with a vengeance. And has been ever since. A couple of weeks ago I went to our family doctor. Since I am a lady and doctors think the Pill will fix anything with women, he had me give that a try (endometriosis was an outside possibility). When Jaley was in to see him for her two-year check up, I told him I was feeling worse not better. He said, like it or not, it was time to see the surgeon.

Even without my my family doctor's opinion, there were a few other signs that it was time.
  1. Recently, when I bought Ibuprofen I was disappointed that they didn't sell them in bottles larger than 500 pills.
  2. When ever I drive by someone out for a jog, I hurt just watching them.
  3. I recently told the girls that mommies don't roughhouse (now you definitely know something is wrong).
  4. And the big one, Scott told me that if I didn't make an appointment, he was going to do it for me.
So, I scheduled an appointment for last week. After waiting for two hours in the office, they said the doctor was stuck in surgery (probably out golfing) and I could reschedule or see the nurse practitioner. What do you think I chose? I didn't want to wait again, so I saw the NP. She read my chart and said the doctor had simply written if I came back for another visit, it was time for surgery. So much for tests, examinations, or asking questions. They gave me two choice, Aug. 13 or Sept. 24.

So next Wednesday it is time to take a peek inside. The guess is a hernia, which the doc is going to fix. But just in case that isn't the culprit, he is going to take a peek at everything else (gallbladder, ovaries, etc.). Since they can do the surgery laparoscopically, recovery should be pretty quick.

The tricky part is with a hernia repair they don't want me to lift anything over 15 lbs for a month. I asked half the office how I was supposed to do that with a 26 lb, two-year old. They shrugged their shoulders and asked me if I wanted to have the surgery a second time? Point taken.

Gratefully, my mom is flying in to help out with the kids for a couple of weeks. A mom's work is never done (even when your kids are grown). Thanks Mommy. And gratefully, our daycare said they have space for Jaley to go full-time for the next month.

So that is the drama around here. This week has been a crazy rush of scheduling, planning and figuring. Everyone I have told has been so kind with offers of prayers and support. I even hit up my friend Angela's husband (he is an anesthesiologist) for advice in the OR. Thank you to everyone.

Now, I am off to sit on the couch, since they made me stop taking my good medicines until after surgery.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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Di said...

My prayers and hugs go out to you. I've been on the caregiver side through...oops, only one hernia surgery for my husband. He got two hernias repaired last summer but wouldn't let me come to Florida to take care of him.