Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Road to Recovery - NOT

Have you ever taken a daisy and pulled off the petals? He loves me. He loves me not. That is about how I feel on this whole hernia thing. I have a hernia. I have a hernia not. I have a hernia. And now with surgery complete, the definitive answer is I have a hernia not - AND never did.

I will state it simply. Dr. Paul Enochs of Cary Surgical Specialists is an idiot.

Last Wednesday's surgery was technically a diagnostic abdominal laparoscopy and possible inguinal hernia repair. In English, Dr. Enoch was supposed to make small incisions and use a camera look inside. Based on what he found, he would repair the hernia or fix whatever else was wrong.

Here is what actually happened. Dr. Enochs did make small incisions and did use a camera to look inside. There was no hernia. He took pictures and closed me up. He completely ignored the bulging ovarian cyst that was in the same area and didn't fix that problem. Instead, he came out of surgery and said that he gave me a shot of cortisone, cauterized the area, and didn't 't fix anything. He said it was a referred pain situation (meaning the location where I feel the pain is different from it's source) and I would have to find another doctor.

Dr. Enochs skipped the entire part of the surgery that was "fix whatever else was wrong." He didn't even bother to get a gynecological consult on the cyst. He just ignored not. It is important to point out that I was originally referred to him from my gynecologist because I was complaining of ovarian pain.

So I went home to recover. My mother suffers from horrible nausea after anesthesia and I feared the same. My fears were definitely warranted, but anti-nausea medicine in the hospital is a wonderful thing. I definitely didn't feel good, but I was well enough to go home.

However, the stupid Dr. Enochs sent me with a prescription for pain medicine he already knew made me nauseous. I tried the hydrocodone/acetaminophen combo pill back in May. It made me horribly sick and we switched to another medicine. The jerk sent me home with a prescription for the same medicine. However, he wrote it down under the brand name, Lortab (so I didn't know it was the same stuff). I quizzed the nurse about it medication. She assured me is wasn't hydrocodone. She assured me I wouldn't be nauseous. She's was wrong.

Scott filled the prescription and I took the pills. I felt horrible. I didn't look closely at the bottle until the next morning. I found out I was taking hydrocodone. I was furious!!! I immediately switch to simple Advil and I immediately felt better. I was sore, but at least I could pick my head off the pillow.

By Friday, I was feeling much better. By Saturday, I was back to myself. And since, I didn't have a hernia repaired, I didn't have any restrictions on lifting. That meant I could pick up Jaley - a very good thing. Unfortunately, back to myself also meant that I had the exact same pain as before the surgery.

So I headed into the weekend in the exact same place as before the surgery. I was in pain, no plan to fix it. I am so tired of taking Advil. I am so tired of hurting. I just want this fixed. I am angry with Dr. Enochs. However, I am so happy that he didn't find anything really bad. I am also so happy for laparoscopy. I was recovered from the surgery in a few days. In the past, it would have been weeks to recover. Although my problem isn't solved, we know a couple of more things that it isn't. Sometimes in medicine diagnosing a problem is a process of elimination. We are a little bit closer.

This saga continues, but I will take a break from writing for now.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. Your kind words for me and mean words for Dr. Enochs are wonderful. Thanks to Stephanie and Sarah for dinner. It fed us all weekend. A special thanks to my mom and Scott. They cared for me and the girls. But even more importantly, they have listened to me ruminate on this issue incessantly.

That is life in the stroller lane.

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