Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Something other than Doctors

I have a whole bunch of more medical stories. And they're full of excitement. But instead of breaking a second promise, I am going to write about some of the other stuff here. As for the pictures, they are all back from July, since August wasn't really a picture taking month.

First, about our vocal talents. The other day Jaley was screaming. She wasn't upset she just wanted to make noise. Scott asked her to quiet down with no success (no surprise). He changed tactics and asked her why she was screaming. She looked right at him and said "me no squeaming, me singing." With this confirmation of Jaley's limited vocal talents. It is now confirmed absolutely that our family's only chance of getting on American Idol is William Hung style.

Second, tales from the toilet. Jaley decided that it is time to ditch the diapers. I'm not complaining, because the end of diapers is a glorious thing. However, Jaley's timing could be better. She made this decision the day before my second surgery. And given that she pulls her stubbornness genes from both the Pereira and Harrell sides, we couldn't convince her otherwise. However, neither nor I had the focus, energy, or desire to help with such a lofty goal. Luckily Sarah came to the rescue. She just sat Jaley down on the potty, brought in some toys and hung out with her until the first event happened. Since then, Jaley has enjoyed many other successful trips on the potty usually with Sarah directing the action. As for the not so successful times, let's just say the SpotBot is our best friend. My question now is if Sarah can potty train Jaley, what other tasks can I offload. Thanks Sarah.

Finally, new wheels. We ditched VW Station Wagon. That car was a piece of crap. It had a repair problems since the day we bought it. To make matters worse, it was a European import so repairs costs were astronomical. A new battery set us back almost $300. In July, we dropped another $900 in repairs and started looking for a new ride. Last week, we took the plunge and got an ultra cool ride. And by ultra cool, I mean a minivan. In fact, I got a mini minivan. It is the Mazda5. It is actually a little smaller than my old jalopy (the VW), but it has sliding doors and the 3rd row.

This was what my car looked like the day we bought it:

This is what my car looks like today, look carefully to see the spilled cup on the floor:

And to see what my car will look like at the end of September, watch Mom My Ride on YouTube. It will be the funniest three minutes you have today.

Back to drama in the next post. But for now, Lots of Love. That is life in the stroller lane.

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