Thursday, September 4, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I last wrote a week ago. I know I promised lots of stories about the girls, but I lied. My medical drama is much more interesting. So here goes. Last time I checked in, I was singing the praises of getting better. I re-read that blog. It was written at 5AM and I think I still was enjoying the effects of some of my "happy" medicine the hospital gave me upon my discharge. All the sentiments were true, but sorry that everything was written so "syrupy sweet."

I have since learned that the road to recovery is two steps forward and then one step back. And so it goes. I had great days Wed-Fri. I am convinced that my oophorectomy solved all my original problems - which is wonderful. At that rate I was recovering, I thought I would be 100% before we entered September. Then Saturday arrived. I took a nosedive. I slept 14 hours on Saturday and 15 on Sunday. I woke up feeling much better on Monday, but not as good as I did on Friday. On a positive note, all the sleep did my face well. My skin and eyes haven't looked that good since I was 25. It turns out that sleep is better than all the beauty products combined. On the down side, no one could see my face because I was walking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

On Tuesday morning, I took my mom to the airport. She was such a help, especially through the weekend when I was Sleeping Beauty. We really couldn't have lasted the week without her help. I tried to put on a smile when she left, but truth be told I was still feeling really lousy.

I called the doctor's office on Tuesday morning. In addition to feeling lousy my large incision was spotting a little blood. The nurse called back at 4:55pm and basically said, you don't sound great, but just grin and bear it unless it gets worse and then call us immediately.

Well worse came about 10 minutes later (conveniently just after the office closed). My incision just started bleeding. Not gushing, but not just one little drop either. I called the after-hours number and the doc called me back. By that time the bleeding had stopped, so she let me skip the ER (I still haven't recovered from the 9 hour ER ordeal 10 days ago) as long as I came in first thing in the morning.

And I must tell you that the young man who mows our lawn accidentally knocked out all of our cable and internet service right then too. To make matters worse, Time Warner couldn't scheduled a repair person until Sunday. Normally, it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but Scott was trying to work from home to keep an eye on me. It is pretty hard to work without the Internet. Plus, it is really hard to recover on the couch and not have TV. And the super big plus, it is impossible to take care of kids, when you recovering on the couch and you don't have TV. Luckily the DVD player still worked, so we had some relief.

And I must also tell you that Hurricane Hannah is apparently headed right for us. So we are possibly facing floods, no power, and no water at the end of this week. At our house, we currently had no bottled water, no extra batteries, and no canned goods. We do have two freezers full of food that we might as well surrender at the first gust of wind. And with all three of those, I just looked at Scott and said "Really?." I mean, "Really?" At this point, I was ready to just throw in the towel.

Thanks to Spanxs (to keep pressure on the wound and stop the bleeding - I never knew they had so many uses) and the DVD player the rest of the evening continued without issue. Wednesday morning, I dropped the girls at daycare and went straight to the doctor. I hadn't so much as stepped in the door of the doctor's office when my incision just started bleeding everywhere. Let me tell you, if you want to skip the long wait at the doctor's office, just start bleeding on their furniture.

I was convinced that I was going back to the OR, but thankfully I was wrong. I had a hematoma at the incision site. It gave way right then. It was a mess but quickly stopped bleeding. The doctor cleaned out the wound and packed it with gauze. So now, I have the lovely treat of getting to pack my own wound several times a day for the next 4 weeks. The process can be described in one simple word - GROSS. However, it is a zillion times better than a third trip to the OR (which most other bleeding complications would have required).

After the adrenaline (or was that panic) of the doctor's visit wore off. I realized that I felt much better. In fact, I felt even better than I did the prior Friday (right before this hematoma thing started). I have pushed out my "back to 100% September 1st" to "hopefully soon," but I am definitely taking two steps forward again.

And to make yesterday even better, I spotted a Time Warner Cable truck at the nearby gas station. Bold as always, I smiled and asked if he could come to the house. I don't know if was my smile or the gratuity I handed him, but he had our cable back on before I got home 15 minutes later. He was like a knight in a shiny white repair truck.

And to make everything even better, the forecast for Hurricane Hannah is down to Tropical Storm Hannah. And just in case she turns up the heat, I was able to score a couple of batteries and a few cans of soups at the grocery store today. If she cooperates and leaves us alone, Scott and I have sitter booked and dinner reservation made for Saturday night (it is officially our 10th anniversary).

So with things headed in a good direction, I have decided not to throw in the towel and just enjoy the rest of the week.

Lots of Love.

P.S. Once again, my blog topics have revolved around me and my personal drama. I promise that I will get back to chatting about the girls next time (since those are the stories you usually come to read). Or maybe I won't.

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