Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big Girl Room

I wanted to show off Jaley's Big Girl Room. After placing our order back in 1984, the bed finally arrived. OK, it wasn't 1984, but it was over 4th of July weekend.

The wait ended up being worthwhile. Let's face it, July, August, & September weren't the best months for me to be redecorating. In fact, those months weren't for much of anything, but getting through. And through we did, life here is going really well. I am pretty much feeling like old-Gigi again. Scott is in CA for work. Basically, it is life as usual (which is a beautiful thing).

But back to the point, here is Jaley's big girl room. Since she has been crawling out of her crib for 5 month, she was thrilled to have finally have a bed with easier entry/exit access.

The best part about the bed, wasn't the bed at all. The bed usually came with a toy box and little rolling stools that fit underneath the bed. We decided to not get those pieces. Instead, we ordered a trundle bed for underneath. Upon delivery, they brought the trundle AND the storage container and stools. I love FREE - so I said thanks and kept the extra pieces. While Jaley's 10X10 room left no space for the toy box, I just loved the stools. I used extra fabric from making the window valance to recover the stools and make pillows for her bed.

Now the stools make a perfect reading nook. And we want to encourage lots of reading now in hopes for scholarships later. Let's just say that with the current downturn in the Dow, Jaley and Sarah's 529 accounts are looking quite sad.

We purchased the bed at a local furniture store, however, it turns out you truly can buy anything on the web. You can order the furniture online and the pieces are delivered to your door. Modern Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, Italian Furniture, even Kids & Baby Furniture - all types of furniture. And while I love Jaley's set, I bet it would have been here faster if I bought it online.


Di said...

I would give just about anything for my daughter's room to be that clean...for one would give me hope.

Holly said...

Gigi, I love Jaley's room! It's so cute- I definitely need to do something about my children's bare walls & boring decor!! Next time I see you I want to know where you got the cute art on the walls so I can totally copy you! :)