Monday, October 20, 2008

Do the Zoo

Trying to enjoy the nice weather and make up for the fact that we skipped going all year, the weekend before last we ventured to the zoo. The NC Zoo is in Asheboro - about a 90 minute drive. The trip is more of a voyage than a regular field trip, so it was a perfect test to see what our Disney vacation will be like next spring. Yes, we decided with my Orlando roots it was time to see the mouse. We have turned over our Visa card and the deed to our house for a 6-day reservation at the Magic Kingdom. For all the Disney details, you can read about my planning of the Quintessential Family Vacation.

It was our chance to enjoy the zoo and a practice for Disney. While the weather was great and the animals were out for top notch viewing, the Harrell clan didn't give their A-game. Scott and Jaley were tired from a poor night's sleep. Sarah and I didn't feel well from some sort of little cold. Of course, we didn't fully realize any of this until we were smack in the middle of this giant 500 acre animal preservation. Unfortunately, we only brought a stroller for Jaley. For the first part of the morning we couldn't get Jaley to sit in it. Then was soon as Sarah was too tired to walk, Jaley wouldn't let Sarah anywhere near the stroller. While they bickered about seating, they missed the lions roaring, the gorillas playing, and the baboons procreating. That last one we were happy they missed. Neither Scott nor I are in any way prepared for a birds and bees chat.

At some point we made it back to the car and expected big naps on the way home. No luck. They just bickered over which DVD to watch. Don't let the pictures fool you, this wasn't really an all smiles family field trip.

Now we are locked and loaded for a week of "family fun" at Disney. God save us, because if it is anything like this zoo trip we are going to need the help.

Other Gossip. Mimi and Poppa are arriving tomorrow. The two snowbirds are stopping by as they move from their NC cabin back to their FL home. Since we didn't get to visit them as much as we had hoped, we are all looking forward to their visit.

Rough trips to the zoo aside, we have really been enjoying the girls. All of my medical drama had really stressed out the entire house - girls included. Now that I am (finally and thankfully) back to normal, we are having so much more fun. My recovery cut the tantrum factor in the house by about 60%. A few of the missing tantrums are from Sarah and Jaley, the bulk are from Scott and me. Feeling good is a wonderful thing.

Around the house, we are in the middle of a major overhaul on the backyard. Between last year's drought and the construction of the porch last winter, it is a real mess. It is planting time of year and this is a big project. I don't expect to fully get the dirt out from under my nails until Santa slides down the chimney. In fact, I may have to ask the big guy for a manicure at the start of the year.

That's enough rambling and that is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.


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Anonymous said...

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