Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mean Monkey Bars

Injuries happens. Kids trade their injury tales like baseball cards. One says see this scar...and the other chimes in with remember my cast...Visits to the ER are a right of passage for parents and kids alike. But when you are a parent, you always hope it won't be to your kid.

Last Friday were weren't so lucky. Just that afternoon Sarah learned how cross the monkey bars all by herself. Friday evening she wanted to show Scott. We tried to tell her to wait, because it had rained and was slippery. But she (as usual) was one step ahead of us. In this case, one fall ahead of us. Down she came in the classic playground injury, landing wrist first.

We were off to the ER. Amazingly there wasn't a wait. Yes, that is right. There was no wait in the ER on a Friday night. The x-rays were inconclusive so Sarah was sent home with a temporary cast up to her shoulder. Her first (and may it be our last) cast. Lucky for us, the follow up on Monday with the orthopaedic surgeon was great news.

No fracture, just a bad sprain.

The cast came off and a splint went on. I let our a giant sigh of relief. I still hate that her wrist is hurt, but am so happy it isn't broken. I must say, I am not cut out for this parent of a daredevil life. It just about kills me to see my kids hurt. This time last year, Jaley split her eyebrow open to the tune of several stitches. Then there was Jaley's dislocated elbow in the spring. Now Sarah's almost broken wrist. Jaley and Sarah are both climbers. The higher the better. And while things that go up, must eventually come down. My two monkeys occasionally return to Earth with a thump.

While I'm sure there will be more injuries in the future, I hope and pray that they are minor. For their sake (of course) and for mine (my heart can't take too many ER visits). I don't want them to be the kids with the most injury stories to trade with their friends.

Injuries aside, we are in full Halloween mode here. Don't you remember we celebrate for weeks on end. We had a great time at the Pumpkin Patch with Mimi last week. Over the weekend, Sarah's cast didn't slow her down at all. She ran in full costume in the Monster Dash to benefit for WakeMed Children's Hospital. (Note: We were already planning to go to the event, but the timing was great because guess who's ER we went too on Friday - yes the WakeMed ER).

Tomorrow is a full day of Halloween fun. Painting pumpkins and a party at their school. Then there is a parade in the afternoon and, of course, trick-or-treating in the evening. Since Sarah had her trick last weekend, we are planning for only treats tomorrow. Happy Halloween.

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