Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get A Job

Ever since our Harrell & Harrell Properties came to an end in June, I have been planning to get a job. My temporary retirement was supposed to be 2-3 months, but 5 months later I am still at home full time. I have lots of good excuses for delaying my job search, but one of the biggest reasons is that I sure do enjoy sleeping in (at least when the girls let me).

Recently, I freshened up my resume. The last time I went on a job interview or sent out a resume was in 2000 before graduating from UNC. My old resume was missing 8 whole years. As you know, resumes are all about marketing. It is an "As seen on TV" commercial for yourself. I would never lie but I also make sure to only tell the good stuff. That is just what I have done. My resume contains lots of convincing words about my education and work experience - words like: managed, created, invented, directed, and (always a favorite) grew revenues.

Everything on my resume is factual and true, but in the words of Paul Harvey "here is the rest of the story." For my faithful blog readers....

Gigi Harrell "REST OF THE STORY" Resume

Georgia Tech (got out in 1996)
Majored in beer drinking and football games. Got a degree in engineering that I really never used.

UNC (or as I call them the Stafford Loan Years)
Majored in meeting very cool people who are moving up the corporate ladder. I hope to ride their coat tails. Actually, got an MBA, which leaves me qualified for any job working in a cubical.

Work Experience:
My PowerPoint Job - Deloitte & Touche Consulting
Job Responsibilities: Working 12-16 hours a day tweaking PowerPoint Slides. Also, gained vast skills making copies and filing documents.

My Excel Job - Intel
Job Responsibilities: Worked 8-10 hours a day making Excel files. My job was to divy out allotments of Intel computer chips, but back then Intel couldn't make enough of them to meet demand. So I shuffled numbers around paper for no reason at all.

My Too Many Bosses Job - Cisco
Job Responsibilities: I reported to 6 different Managers and 5 Directors in just over 3 years. My main job was learning the names of my ever changing list of new bosses.

My Everything Job - Harrell & Harrell Properties
Job Responsibilities: Janitor to CEO. I was the only worker, I did everything (whether I wanted to or not).

We all have a "rest of the story" resume. I won't be sending this one out with my cover letters, but I still wanted to share it.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

We Three Girls

Scott's in Europe this week. He left on Saturday and is due in Friday night. While I am used to him traveling, I am used to 5 day stints. This trip is just 48 hours longer, but it feels like 48 days longer. I honestly don't know how single moms (and dads) do it. I get worn out doing every meal, every bath, every good night book. After 5 days, I am ready for 5 minutes where I am not in charge. Single parents run the ship 24/7 and never get a break. God bless them.

Scott called to check in on Tuesday and I asked how the weather was - he said it was cold and rainy - just how Europe is supposed to be in November. I told him - North Carolina was cold and snowy - just how it isn't supposed to be November. Yes, we had snow flurries this past Tuesday. I completely missed the weather forecast and thought it was supposed to be in the 50's. Imagine my surprise when I went out to get the mail and was pelted with a face full of snow. None of the flakes stuck, but it was definitely a reminder that it is winter coat time of year.

And when it is winter coat time of year, it is also winter cold time of year. Jaley was the first casulty, followed 3 days later by Sarah, and 3 days later by me. It was just a quick cold and the girls were good as new in a few days. I, however, was lucky enough to get the bonus sinus infection. Trying to be part of the solution instead of the problem, I tried so hard to avoid getting antibiotics. I practically drowned myself in saline using the neti pot - to no avail. (Don't know what a neti pot is? I didn't either until I learned about it from the highest of news sources - Dr. Oz on Oprah). It usually works well, but didn't do the job this time. Instead, I got me some drugs on Wednesday. A 5-day Z-pack and I am feeling a zillion times better now.

So my sinus infection is on the way out and Scott is due home tomorrow. It is definitely will be a TGIF tomorrow. Next week we are headed (finally) to Atlanta. We haven't visited as a family since Sarah was 3 months old. There a many reasons to visit Atlanta, but this visit is about seeing family - specifically my grandfather. He turned 80 in September. But due to my "medical drama," we missed the big party. Ever since, I have been so bummed that we missed seeing him and all of my extended family. I called my Aunt Marie and she just opened up the invitation door. She said come join us for Thanksgiving - I'm already hosting 24, what's 4 more. She didn't have to ask twice, we jumped on the offer. While we won't get to see a GT football game or have time to see very many of our GT buddies, we will get to go to the Georgia Aquarium and MOST IMPORTANTLY see my grandfather, aunt, and all of my cousins. Now that is something to be Thankful for at Thanksgiving.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Craig's List is the Bomb

Do you use Craig's List? If you don't you definitely should. I run my life on Craig's list. Not fully, but almost. In the past year I have: bought stuff, sold stuff, given stuff away, gotten referrals, hired people and looked at jobs - no actual employment yet, but I did have a job interview last week. Tomorrow, I am going to check out at a Christmas gift I found for Scott on Craig's List.

It was the joy of Craig's list that finally brought this year's monster gardening project to completion. After 3 weeks of working on all the planting myself, I gave up. I posted looking for help planting the final plants. Within minutes I had a bunch of responses. I found two gentlemen who were landscaping professionals. The 3 of us (mostly the 2 of them) finished in 3 hours what would have probably taken me 3 more weeks to finish. It is amazing how much faster (and better) professionals gardeners are at planting.

Before. Dead grass. We replanted every year, but the trees sucked up too much water for the puny grass to survive.

After. Don't fight the trees, join them. No more dead grass. In it's place 2 hibiscus trees, 12 azaleas, 7 gardenias, 12 purple grass shrubs, 20 purple cone flowers, 20 day lilies, and 30 daffodils. If you didn't already guess, my theory is if it doesn't flower it isn't worth planting. If they all survive, this we will an array of flowers from March - October every year. I also planted a bunch of other perennials around the rest of the yard. I figured while I (we) were at I would get all the gardening done.

And with the backyard project done, I am getting started on the Christmas shopping. Every year my goal is to have the shopping done before the turkey goes in the oven. I have yet to ever accomplish it, but at least it gets me started.

Scott was in CA last week, is home this week, and is in Europe next week. His trips usually run Monday to Thursday/Friday. But recently, he has been traveling on the weekends too. His travel should ease up in December and we are all ready for the hiatus. All three of us Harrell girls like to have Scott at home.

After the exciting kid adventures of the last couple of posts, there is honestly not much to report. They are happy and healthy and tell me a zillion times a day what toys they want from Santa. Their list includes every toy advertised on TV as well as every toy shown in the sales flyers in the Sunday newspaper. We keep harping on keeping the list for Santa short. Sarah isn't phased in the least. She now puts a few things on her Santa list and then puts the rest on her Nana & Mimi lists. Grandmas you better get your Visas ready.

Ho, Ho, Ho. That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Just Wanted to Mop The Floor

How long does it take a two-year old to apply an entire box of Band-aids (no actual injuries) and do a considerable amount of coloring (on herself) with markers?

Apparently, the same amount of time it takes me to mop the kitchen floor.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

Halloween Fun

I am still juiced up on chocolate. Are you?

We had a really nice Halloween around here. The weather was absolutely perfect. Just chilly enough to feel like fall, but warm enough that the kids' costumes weren't covered up by boring old coats.

And speaking of costumes, our girls had more wardrobe changes than a Broadway show. Thanks to a two-for-one special on Ebay and a surprise from Mimi, both girls had two Halloween costumes. That is in addition to all the dress up clothes that are overtaking our playroom. In order to not leave a single costume unused, they just rotated ---
Pumpkin patch = Pumpkin Clothes
Monster Dash = Princess Clothes
Halloween Party at school = Hello Kitty Ballerina and Dora Regular
Trick-or-Treating = Hello Kitty Princess and Dora Princess
November 1st, Halloween can't be over = Witch Dresses

We hope your Halloween was just as much fun.