Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Craig's List is the Bomb

Do you use Craig's List? If you don't you definitely should. I run my life on Craig's list. Not fully, but almost. In the past year I have: bought stuff, sold stuff, given stuff away, gotten referrals, hired people and looked at jobs - no actual employment yet, but I did have a job interview last week. Tomorrow, I am going to check out at a Christmas gift I found for Scott on Craig's List.

It was the joy of Craig's list that finally brought this year's monster gardening project to completion. After 3 weeks of working on all the planting myself, I gave up. I posted looking for help planting the final plants. Within minutes I had a bunch of responses. I found two gentlemen who were landscaping professionals. The 3 of us (mostly the 2 of them) finished in 3 hours what would have probably taken me 3 more weeks to finish. It is amazing how much faster (and better) professionals gardeners are at planting.

Before. Dead grass. We replanted every year, but the trees sucked up too much water for the puny grass to survive.

After. Don't fight the trees, join them. No more dead grass. In it's place 2 hibiscus trees, 12 azaleas, 7 gardenias, 12 purple grass shrubs, 20 purple cone flowers, 20 day lilies, and 30 daffodils. If you didn't already guess, my theory is if it doesn't flower it isn't worth planting. If they all survive, this we will an array of flowers from March - October every year. I also planted a bunch of other perennials around the rest of the yard. I figured while I (we) were at I would get all the gardening done.

And with the backyard project done, I am getting started on the Christmas shopping. Every year my goal is to have the shopping done before the turkey goes in the oven. I have yet to ever accomplish it, but at least it gets me started.

Scott was in CA last week, is home this week, and is in Europe next week. His trips usually run Monday to Thursday/Friday. But recently, he has been traveling on the weekends too. His travel should ease up in December and we are all ready for the hiatus. All three of us Harrell girls like to have Scott at home.

After the exciting kid adventures of the last couple of posts, there is honestly not much to report. They are happy and healthy and tell me a zillion times a day what toys they want from Santa. Their list includes every toy advertised on TV as well as every toy shown in the sales flyers in the Sunday newspaper. We keep harping on keeping the list for Santa short. Sarah isn't phased in the least. She now puts a few things on her Santa list and then puts the rest on her Nana & Mimi lists. Grandmas you better get your Visas ready.

Ho, Ho, Ho. That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a cool green gift
In the quest to save energy, save money and set an example to my kids, I googled kids favorite plant and found a REAL plant that MOVES when you Tickle It! See the video
It looked amazing to see a plant actually close its leave and lower its branches when tickled, but could I duplicate this at home in my apartment here in New York? I put it to the test! Within a few days the 2 leaves sprout and as per the packaging, only closed at night. That alone was worth the small price I paid for the TickleMe Plant Greenhouse. A few weeks later small leaves appeared from the center. Would they close up when tickled? Well, not only did the leaves close but the entire tiny branch drooped. I fell in love at first tickle! No batteries required just the rays of the sun or a descent light and some water No green thumb needed as I don't have one. Will it turn my 6 year old into the next Martha ..well its too early to tell but the smile she had on her face when she tickled the plant and it moved was priceless.