Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get A Job

Ever since our Harrell & Harrell Properties came to an end in June, I have been planning to get a job. My temporary retirement was supposed to be 2-3 months, but 5 months later I am still at home full time. I have lots of good excuses for delaying my job search, but one of the biggest reasons is that I sure do enjoy sleeping in (at least when the girls let me).

Recently, I freshened up my resume. The last time I went on a job interview or sent out a resume was in 2000 before graduating from UNC. My old resume was missing 8 whole years. As you know, resumes are all about marketing. It is an "As seen on TV" commercial for yourself. I would never lie but I also make sure to only tell the good stuff. That is just what I have done. My resume contains lots of convincing words about my education and work experience - words like: managed, created, invented, directed, and (always a favorite) grew revenues.

Everything on my resume is factual and true, but in the words of Paul Harvey "here is the rest of the story." For my faithful blog readers....

Gigi Harrell "REST OF THE STORY" Resume

Georgia Tech (got out in 1996)
Majored in beer drinking and football games. Got a degree in engineering that I really never used.

UNC (or as I call them the Stafford Loan Years)
Majored in meeting very cool people who are moving up the corporate ladder. I hope to ride their coat tails. Actually, got an MBA, which leaves me qualified for any job working in a cubical.

Work Experience:
My PowerPoint Job - Deloitte & Touche Consulting
Job Responsibilities: Working 12-16 hours a day tweaking PowerPoint Slides. Also, gained vast skills making copies and filing documents.

My Excel Job - Intel
Job Responsibilities: Worked 8-10 hours a day making Excel files. My job was to divy out allotments of Intel computer chips, but back then Intel couldn't make enough of them to meet demand. So I shuffled numbers around paper for no reason at all.

My Too Many Bosses Job - Cisco
Job Responsibilities: I reported to 6 different Managers and 5 Directors in just over 3 years. My main job was learning the names of my ever changing list of new bosses.

My Everything Job - Harrell & Harrell Properties
Job Responsibilities: Janitor to CEO. I was the only worker, I did everything (whether I wanted to or not).

We all have a "rest of the story" resume. I won't be sending this one out with my cover letters, but I still wanted to share it.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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Di said...

I am the unofficial resume editor for our entire neighborhood. So if you want to e-mail it to me, I'd be happy to lend an unbiased eye.

I have a great resume story to post. But I am still catching up on reading blogs and am actually a little too hungover to write.