Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

I am still juiced up on chocolate. Are you?

We had a really nice Halloween around here. The weather was absolutely perfect. Just chilly enough to feel like fall, but warm enough that the kids' costumes weren't covered up by boring old coats.

And speaking of costumes, our girls had more wardrobe changes than a Broadway show. Thanks to a two-for-one special on Ebay and a surprise from Mimi, both girls had two Halloween costumes. That is in addition to all the dress up clothes that are overtaking our playroom. In order to not leave a single costume unused, they just rotated ---
Pumpkin patch = Pumpkin Clothes
Monster Dash = Princess Clothes
Halloween Party at school = Hello Kitty Ballerina and Dora Regular
Trick-or-Treating = Hello Kitty Princess and Dora Princess
November 1st, Halloween can't be over = Witch Dresses

We hope your Halloween was just as much fun.

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