Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Three Girls

Scott's in Europe this week. He left on Saturday and is due in Friday night. While I am used to him traveling, I am used to 5 day stints. This trip is just 48 hours longer, but it feels like 48 days longer. I honestly don't know how single moms (and dads) do it. I get worn out doing every meal, every bath, every good night book. After 5 days, I am ready for 5 minutes where I am not in charge. Single parents run the ship 24/7 and never get a break. God bless them.

Scott called to check in on Tuesday and I asked how the weather was - he said it was cold and rainy - just how Europe is supposed to be in November. I told him - North Carolina was cold and snowy - just how it isn't supposed to be November. Yes, we had snow flurries this past Tuesday. I completely missed the weather forecast and thought it was supposed to be in the 50's. Imagine my surprise when I went out to get the mail and was pelted with a face full of snow. None of the flakes stuck, but it was definitely a reminder that it is winter coat time of year.

And when it is winter coat time of year, it is also winter cold time of year. Jaley was the first casulty, followed 3 days later by Sarah, and 3 days later by me. It was just a quick cold and the girls were good as new in a few days. I, however, was lucky enough to get the bonus sinus infection. Trying to be part of the solution instead of the problem, I tried so hard to avoid getting antibiotics. I practically drowned myself in saline using the neti pot - to no avail. (Don't know what a neti pot is? I didn't either until I learned about it from the highest of news sources - Dr. Oz on Oprah). It usually works well, but didn't do the job this time. Instead, I got me some drugs on Wednesday. A 5-day Z-pack and I am feeling a zillion times better now.

So my sinus infection is on the way out and Scott is due home tomorrow. It is definitely will be a TGIF tomorrow. Next week we are headed (finally) to Atlanta. We haven't visited as a family since Sarah was 3 months old. There a many reasons to visit Atlanta, but this visit is about seeing family - specifically my grandfather. He turned 80 in September. But due to my "medical drama," we missed the big party. Ever since, I have been so bummed that we missed seeing him and all of my extended family. I called my Aunt Marie and she just opened up the invitation door. She said come join us for Thanksgiving - I'm already hosting 24, what's 4 more. She didn't have to ask twice, we jumped on the offer. While we won't get to see a GT football game or have time to see very many of our GT buddies, we will get to go to the Georgia Aquarium and MOST IMPORTANTLY see my grandfather, aunt, and all of my cousins. Now that is something to be Thankful for at Thanksgiving.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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Di said...

Oh...and the Thanksgiving thing will be like a little time off...because the girls will be enveloped in the loving arms of your extended family and won't care about you in the least!