Sunday, December 7, 2008

End of An Era

I just checked the mail and in it was the official copy of the Articles of Dissolution for Harrell & Harrell Properties, LLC. While the rentals have been gone for a while, my stint as an entrepreneur officially ended last Friday when the NC Secretary of State's Office recorded the paperwork. I wanted everything officially closed before year end, so I mailed the paperwork Thursday (thinking it would take a few weeks). Much to my surprise, they received it, processed it, recorded it, and sent my copy back in the mail all on Friday. I guess my tax dollars are at work - that was fast.

And the timing couldn't be better, because my new job starts tomorrow. In honor of being a working mom again, I did the laundry and the grocery shopping this weekend - no more doing much of that during the week. I will be returning to the ways of most Americans - doing my chores on the weekend.

And to leave you with two bits of fun...

  • Sarah, Jaley and I put up the Christmas tree on Friday afternoon. Jaley had an insatiable appetite for putting on ornaments. After each one was placed, she looked at me and said "tree not beautiful yet." Apparently, my two year old has high tastes in tree decorating. But when the very last ornament was placed, Jaley dusted off her hands, looked at me and said "tree beautiful now, Mommy." I don't know where she gets this stuff.
  • Scott and I walked upstairs this morning (things were a little too quiet) to find Jaley buck naked standing in a sink full of soapy water. Sarah was instructing her on how to give herself a bath. The girls know they can't play in the bathtub without adult supervision, so I guess Sarah figured the sink was almost as good.

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