Thursday, December 11, 2008

Enjoying the Christmas Lights

It is night, rainy, and really windy. That didn't matter, Sarah and Jaley wanted to sit outside and enjoy our Christmas lights. By themselves, they carried their rocking chairs down the stairs, tied Sarah's umbrella to the chairs so it wouldn't blow away, brought out snacks, and sat down to enjoy the view. Now that is Christmas spirit.

While the girls are flying high with Christmas joy. Scott and I are grounded in regular life. This was my first week at the new job. The advantage of managing the rentals the past couple of years was that I was the boss - if I wanted time off - no problem - I got it. It isn't quite so easy when someone else is in charge. One of my biggest worries about going back to work, was juggling the work schedule when we had winter colds. I knew I would be tested before the daffodils bloomed, but wasn't expecting it on my first day. Lucky me. Last weekend, we all got sick. Scott was the first man down. I was next, followed by Jaley, and Sarah.

With the help of baby Advil for the girls and full strength Advil for me, we all got out the door Monday morning. With the exception of runny noses (which never fully recede until March) the girls and I were 100% by Wednesday. Scott, however, wasn't as lucky. He is now going on day 6 of this cold. We are trying to avoid his germs, so the poor guy hasn't gotten much TLC this week.

Colds aside, my first few days in the office have been good. I think it will be a really fun job and definitely low stress (which is awesome). The trickiest part is dealing with all the different insurance companies - every one's a bit different. However, I'll get it figured out soon. As a bonus, I will probably learn a lot about the medicine industry by osmosis.

Even though it is the start of a new job, I'm not letting it cramp our holiday partying. I met my girl friends for Holiday Tea last Sunday. We are always much too loud and raucous to be at an Afternoon High Tea - but that is what makes it fun. Tomorrow, Sarah is taking her best friends out to a play space and then having them over for Hot Chocolate. Saturday night Scott and I have a sitter lined up and are off to an adults only Christmas party. Sunday night we are off to see a hand bell group and the man in the red suit.

Ho, Ho, Ho. That is life in the Stroller Lane.


H said...

I love that the girls are such die hards with their Holiday Spirit!!! :) The picture of them outside looking at the lights is adorable!!

H said...

That was me, Holly K.!!