Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family, Fun, and Food

The adage goes that you can either enjoy the moment or enjoy the pictures later - you can't do both. I planned to take all these great pictures while we were in Atlanta, but it just didn't happen. You get this picture and you like, because we were too busy having fun.

We spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with the Kurtzer family (my aunt's family). Contrary to the very small number of branches on my side of the family tree, hers goes far and wide. Scott and I hang out with my aunt, grandfather, cousins and lots of other friends and family, while Sarah and Jaley played non-stop with a whopping 11 2nd and 3rd cousins. My aunt and cousins planned tons of fun stuff to do, including football in the park. Doesn't that sound perfect for the Thanksgiving weekend. However, we didn't play nearly enough foodball to run off all the food. The thanksgiving meal alone was four courses. That doesn't count all the other wonderful meals. I am still full. It was grand fun.

The important part of the trip was seeing family, but we did sneak downtown to visit Georgia Tech and the Georgia Aquarium. Downtown Atlanta today is nothing like the downtown Atlanta I lived in. The Atlanta I lived in was dirty and dangerous. The Atlanta we visited was beautiful and upscale. What a change. We all loved the GA Aquarium. I'm not an expert, but all the hype about it being the world's best aquarium seemed pretty true to me. It was amazing.

And to get in one parental brag. The girls were amazingly well behaved for the car ride. Historically, car trips have been anything but smooth for our family. Hopefully, this trip marked turning the corner to make road trips possible again.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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