Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho - It's Off to Work I Go

My blogging is not real time. If usually runs a few weeks late. So this news of a new job, isn't really news to many of you. But, I had to write about it nonetheless. As of Monday morning 12/8 - I am back to work. Not that running the real estate venture (adventure) and raising two kids wasn't work. In fact, that was the problem with the real estate - it was too much work. But unlike my recent gigs, this job comes with the added bonus of a steady paycheck. Go figure.

Are wondering how I found this new job? I didn't look in the want ads or log onto All I did was get a sinus infection. Yes, that's right a sinus infection - got me my new job. So it goes...A few weeks ago, I had to call the doctor to make an appointment, so I could get those precious antibiotics for my nagging sinus infection. As I was waiting on the phone, the recorded voice said something to the effect of "Our practice has grown. We recently added one new doctor and two new PA's, however our office staff has caught up yet. We are working to correct that. Thanks for your patience in holding."

After I booked my appointment, I thought to myself - that message sure did sound like they were hiring. I figured if they treat their staff half as well as they treat their patients, it would be a great place to work. I faxed in my resume (the real one, not "the other story" one). I had a job interview, two TB tests, a drug screen, and OSHA safety training. I guess I passed them all, because they offered me a part-time job working in the front office. It is just the type of position I wanted. It is part-time with set hours (Mon, Wed, & Fri -- 8-5). It is in an industry that helps people. And I can't take the work home with me. In fact, I won't even be able to log on at home. When I leave the office, I'm off work - completely (except for the whole running a house and raising two kids job).

Since, I have been working from home for the past couple of years, it will definitely be a shock to the system. My feet aren't ready to wear dress shoes again. I don't know when the laundry will get done. I used to throw in a load when I was managing the business accounting or fielding tenant gripes. Somehow, I think I will ease right back into adult conversations and writing with pens instead of crayons. Plus, I believe I will find a way to enjoy the extra cash flow. The mall is calling my name.

As for starting a job two weeks before Christmas, I have been busier than Santa's elves on Dec. 23rd. I have been trying to get all the shopping, shipping, and Christmas cards done in advance. As soon as I finish this note, I am going to start some of the wrapping. The Christmas tree will be going up tomorrow night. If it doesn't get done by Sunday, basically it probably won't get done. But heck that was my goal this year anyway. I even wrote about keeping things simpler in my newspaper blog last week .

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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