Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

I have been blogging recently, just not here. Since my last post, I have written my final month of blogs for Triangle Mom 2 Mom (it officially ends 1/9, but I submitted all my articles). So this blog, my real blog, has been sorely neglected.

And with that neglect, I am having to roll up Christmas and New Years into one giant entry - here goes...

The Fastest Christmas Tree in the East
We met Mimi, Poppa, and Auntie Em in the NC mountains for an early Christmas. It was unseasonably cold and way below the threshold of my Florida blood. We went to a cut your own Christmas tree farm on Monday morning; it was -10 with the wind chill. Auntie Em thought she was still in Chicago. They picked, cut, and loaded a tree in the car in under 3 minutes (no joking). Jaley and I missed the whole event, because we were in the car trying to put on her gloves. By the time we were set, the event was over. Jaley and I redeemed ourselves and helped decorate the tree.

No Snow, But We Can Still Sled
Mother Nature didn't treat us to any white flakes, but luckily the snow making equipment picked up where she skimped. We took the girls out for a morning of sledding on Tuesday. I don't have proof in pictures, but I promise that everyone took their turns on the sleds - EVEN Mimi and Poppa.

We Had Christmas Morning Twice
I would be happy with one Christmas morning, but this year we got a double dose. We had our first Christmas morning on the 23rd with Mimi, Poppa, and Auntie Em. Then we drove home on the 24th and prepared for Santa's arrival. The man in the red suit and Nana's delivery via UPS did not disappoint. The girls were treated to a second Christmas morning on the 25th. They are now of full opinion that Christmas present opening lasts days on end.

Gifts Galore

Santa and the grandparents were (as usual) very spoiling of our little girls. Sarah (and I reliving my childhood) loves the Easy Bake Oven that Santa delivered. And the whole family is enjoying the lil' b-ball hoop from Nana. Both girls adore their princess clothes from Mimi and Auntie Em. They are set for Disney next spring.

But One Gift Takes the Cake...
Do you remember the bunny suit that Aunt Clara gave Ralphie in A Christmas Story? Now Sarah and Jaley have their very own!!! And their suits were given, no joke, by their aunt - Auntie Em. The only difference is that Jaley and Sarah actually love their costumes. Thanks Auntie Em, they will be hopping and jumping all through 2009.

Happy New Year
Though we like to think we are still in our 20s our New Year's Eve plans scream of being 30 something and settled. Our entire evening celebration plans consist of watching the GT in the Peach Bowl with the help of TIVO after the girls go to bed. There may be a beer or two involved, but nothing more exciting that that. I am guessing I won't even toast at midnight. I have trouble making to midnight anyhow, but I have to work tomorrow, so that sets me up for an early snooze time. Oh well. At least with these unexciting plans, I am assured not to have a hang over on January 1st - and that is something I was never assured of in my 20s.

So I will end this final blog of 2008 wishing you a Happy and Healthy beginning of 2009. That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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We'll miss you on Mom2Mom...but I'll be reading here!