Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bumps and Bowling

Sarah's birthday week celebrations continued to bump and roll right into the weekend. And bump is definitely the right word.

On Thursday, Sarah's first full day as a 5 year old, she bumped (OK, smacked) her head to the tune of two stitches. She was in the child care center at the gym, so I wasn't with her when it happened. But according to the patient's tale, "a big girl was trying to teach me how to do a back flip." Gravity took over in the middle of the lesson and her head took the brunt of the fall. Lucky for me, I now work in a doctor's office. One phone call to one of the back phone lines was all it took. We drove right over and we were in an exam room before we could blink. A special thanks go out to Dr. Blount and Dan for their great care. As for the stitches, you can't even see them. It turns out Sarah's thick hair may always be tangled and tough to brush, but it does a great job of hiding wounds.

With her head on the mend, the rest of the week was left for fun. The neighborhood kids joined Sarah at the bowling alley for the final soiree of her 5th birthday. We saw a lot of strikes and no gutter balls (thanks to the gutter guards). From the looks of the scores, we may have a few kids on their way to some competitive bowling.

Sarah walked away from the party with a great big smile and her very own regulation size bowling pin signed by her friends. According to Sarah, it was the best birthday ever. What more could you ask.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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Mike Teems said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday Sarah!! S T R I K E!! :o)