Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is Almost Here - But Not Quite

Officially, spring is coming this weekend. With the weather being cold and rainy it seems that no one has reminded Mother Nature or the cold/flu season. We did so well this winter avoiding germs. The girls and I had one cold back in December and have sailed through the season. Scott was hit in January, but now that we have kids in the house he doesn't get too much TLC. I pretty much hand him a box of tissues and the man is on his own.

Our germ-free luck changed yesterday. Both girls were just off in the morning, rather quiet and absolutely no fighting. When siblings aren't fighting it means one of two things. Either they are plotting trouble (a bad thing) or they are sick (an even worse thing). As morning turned to afternoon, it was clear their was no plotting happening. When we left to run a few errands, Jaley bestowed the final christening on my child carting vehicle. It was broken in months ago, but no vehicle can be deemed to officially transports kids until it is thrown-up in. Jaley took care of that yesterday. Sarah saved her episode for 4AM, which requiring an entire sheet and wardrobe change was equally fun.

And so, 3 days before spring arrives, we are reminded that it is still the winter cold and flu season. The girls are home from school; I called into work; and I am playing Dr. Mom for the day. If I'm lucky they'll be better and I can relinquish the Dr. title after today. It just breaks my heart when the girls are sick.

We are house bound today, which is a good thing. I think the forecast is for more rain and I need to shop online for a new refrigerator. The repairman has visited us 4 times in the past three months - we decided to cut our losses and are going to buy a new one this weekend. Let's hope the stop gap fix holds through the end of the week.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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