Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Weekend

Last month, I swore to blog often. Instead, life keeps getting in the way. I promise, I have lots of tales to share - the gossip is better than a daytime soap. I just don't have the time to write them. Give me a few more weeks and I post it here for all to read. Until then, the regular parts of life prove to be full of interest too.

As I'm sure you have guessed the girls are long since recovered from their stomach virus of late March. The weather has turned warm and the flowers are blooming. With the help of Flonase and OTC allergy remedies we are enjoying it all.

This weekend is Easter. However, the celebrations started weeks ago. Mimi came up for a quick visit a couple of weeks ago bearing a few Easter treats. She kept the girls. Scott and I snuck away for a night. Hallelujah! We slept and basically did nothing. It was heaven. And the girls enjoyment was equal. They had a ball and there was plenty of spoiling for all. By Sunday afternoon the girls were tired from all the fun, but their smiles stretched clear around their heads. Thanks Mimi.

With Easter actually here, we still have lots of room for chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps. Usually Easter baskets at our house include on small gift (think puzzle or book) and some candy. Simple and cheap is the Bunny's mantra at the Harrell house. But not this year. Scott has been dieing for a Wii. He has been eyeing them since their debut a couple of years ago. Since the man works way too hard, he deserves a Wii. However, we wanted to get some mileage out of such a big gift for the family. So this year the Bunny is bringing the Wii.

Basically, the girls are lucking out. Daddy wants a toy and it's a toy that they will love too. We actually got several controllers and hope to play as a family. Heck, I better plan on getting a Wii Fit sometime soon. I definitely need to work off all that Easter Candy.

And we all know that Easter is about more than candy and baskets. We are off to church tomorrow morning in our fancy dresses (we will let Scott where pants) to celebrate the real meaning of the holiday.

Have a happy Easter from the family in the stroller lane. Lots of Love

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Holly said...

the suspense is killing me!! ;)