Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Belly and More on that Gossip

Little junior is officially a half way cooked bun in my oven. All my pants involve elastic waistbands. All my "real" clothes are retired the back of the closet with the secret prayer I will one day fit into them again. Oh to be pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to be adding a new baby to the house. I just wish those stories about the stork were true.

It doesn't help that this pregnancy isn't exactly following the textbook. After seeing about a zillion doctors, the official diagnosis for my pain is "sorry, come see us after you deliver." Or as my OB/GYN said last week, "this sucks." It turns out (at least the MRI indicates that it turns out) that I have adhesions (scar tissue) in my abdomen and pelvis from the two surgeries last year. You remember the song about the "foot bone's connected to the ankle bone..." I guess that's how my organs all look right now - kind of tethered together. While adhesions can be a royal pain at any time, my problem lies in that I have this one organ that is growing just a bit these days. My uterus is tethered to half of my insides and as it grows it is pulling everything else along with it. In return, my body is just down right angry about it. My uterus is definitely winning the tug of war as shown by my growing waste line, but the other organs are putting up a decent fight. As a result, my belly is totally crooked. It is tethered more on the left side than the right and makes for quite the funny sight. Let's just say, my belly won't be one chosen for the cover of any pregnancy magazines.

It is most important that I point out that THANKFULLY my adhesion it is not threatening to me or the baby. That is something for which I count in my blessings everyday. However, it is horribly unfun (to us a Sarah word). I am single handedly keeping the makers of Tylenol and Darvocet in business. Them and my local acupuncture clinic (of which I am a total convert). I am also a now a active participant in the sport of couch potato. On a good note, I am fully caught up on the past 5 years of TV. I'm even enjoying the rerun lineup on TBS. I am watching Sex in the City (about a decade after everyone else) and enjoying watching the Brady Brunch with Sarah (yes, it is still just as bad as ever).

As of this week, I have five months down and four months to go. I am hoping that the pain stabilizes and maybe improves in the coming weeks. But mostly, I am keeping my eye on the prize - a due date of October 6th. And now I will sign off, there is a chick flic coming on A&E I just have to watch.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mickey's World

We are back from Mickey's World. We are tired and broke and so glad that we went. Growing up in Orlando, I always held Walt Disney World close to my heart. It seems that living away for the better part of two decades hasn't changed those feeling in the slightest.

The girls had a great time and as a result so did we. The guide book said that number of adults it takes to manage a toddler at Disney is equal to however many are in your party plus one. Therefore, we brought in reinforcements. Jan and Mike joined us for most of the week and all of the fun. Thanks Mom and Dad.

So what were the highlights? Yes, there were many.
  • Jaley and Sarah's trip to the Bippity Boppity Boutique. They left the salon more coiffed than I was for my senior prom. It was the best money spent in the "World."

  • Sarah's insatiable appetite for all things roller coaster. Dumbo was too mundane for our thrill seeker. Tower of Terror was much more her style. Scott, Jan, and Mike accompanied Sarah on the thrills. Jaley (too short) and I (too pregnant) were banned from anything more than "it's a small world." We managed to drown our sorrows by eating Mickey ice cream bars.
  • Jaley's participation in every dance show - whether invited or not. She practically stopped the entire Festival of the Lion King performance when she escaped and tried join the performers up on stage. When the music is a happening, her feet get a tapping.
  • Renting points from a Disney Vacation Club (timeshare) member. Instead of booking a room, we sublet a timeshare from a family. It is the best deal going. We stayed right at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and made friends with the animals. The accommodations were amazing complete with full kitchen and Jacuzzi tub. Bonus, we spent about the same amount as we would have on a regular room. What a deal.
So what were the bloopers? Yes, there were many of those too.
  • Stopping at the grocery store to get perishables on the way to the hotel. Arriving at the hotel and finding out check-in is still 3 hours away and the forecast is for 90 degree heat.
  • Deciding to go Hollywood Studios in the evening for dinner and a few rides. We arrived and all looked fine; there were tons of people and the stores were all opened. But after walking around for an hour, we realized that Disney (ever the capitalist) keeps the shops open after the rest of the park closes. No food or fun for us.
  • Hearing Sarah state after the first ride at Animal Kingdom that she is, "just not that into the animals." There are 40 hotels/condos at Disney, why didn't she tell me this before we picked Animal Kingdom Lodge for our accommodations. Oh well, I got a jacuzzi tub and a view of zebras. Her loss - my gain.
  • And we also had our usual suspects of family trip blunders, tantrums and ride closures (no Space Mountain this visit), misplaced tickets and lost confirmations, forgotten items and lost purchases.
In the end, it was a great trip. Though we were there for six days, we didn't even come close to seeing all of Disney World. That works out well, because with a third kid on the way we will definitely be making the voyage again.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The 12 Days of Disney Packing

About a decade ago (maybe 8 months ago), I started planning that quintessential family vacation - the family voyage to Walt Disney World. Well, the time has come and we are on our way first thing Sunday morning. We are hoping the vacation resembles more Norman Rockwell than Clark Griswald - but who knows and who cares. We will only save the pictures where we are all smiling. In a couple of years we won't remember the trip anyhow. From the pictures, we will assume we had fun.

And since preparing for a trip to Disney is only slightly less complicated than launching the space shuttle, to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas - Here is my rendition of the Twelve Days of Disney Packing.

After Twelve Day of Packing, our suitcase held for us.

12 Bathing Suits
11 Toys for the Plane
10 Different Reservations
9 Extra Changes for Jaley (she's still potty training)
8 Princess T-Shirts
7 Bags of Snacks
6 Pairs of Sandals
5 Golden Visas (all sure to be maxed before our return)
4 Cans of Sunscreen
3 Walkie Talkies
2 Princess Costumes
AND A Guide Book Bigger than a Pear Tree

Wish us well on our voyage. For the record, I am posting a before picture. You can determine how well we fair when I post the after pictures in a couple of weeks.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.