Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kids' Room Shuffle

As a party of two in 2001, a four-bedroom house seemed way too big. Scott and I bought it anyhow, and figured we would never fill it. Fast forward to 2009, add two (making room for three) kids and a whole lot of stuff. We find ourselves with no recollection of days with empty closets. It was time to clear out some clutter and shuffle around the bedroom arrangements to make room for our newest addition. Lil' Junior needed a room.

We said good-bye to the guest room (which doubled as my junk room). We want you to know the door is still open and welcome to family and friends. Sarah promises to bunk with Jaley and share her new big girl room with anyone who makes the visit NC.

And with decision made, it was time to do shuffle the kids. Sarah got the windfall - A BRAND NEW BEDROOM!! Still remembering our recent Disney voyage, she vied for a princess theme, I wanted something that she wouldn't outgrow next week. The compromise was a room "fit for a princess." If she asks, please agree that any princess would love to live in her room - especially princesses named Sarah (check out her name on the wall).

Jaley moved into Sarah's room. Other than moving clothes and toys, no change necessary. It is the perfect room for a girl turning three. Lucky for me, because re-doing Sarah's room wore me out. Don't feel too bad for Jaley. She won't always get hand-me-downs. I plan to redo her room in a couple of years.

And Lil' Junior is moving into Jaley's room. If you remember, we went old school with Jaley and didn't find out her girlhood until delivery. As a result, her room was gender neutral - in fact the jungle animals theme, dark wood, and blue walls it actually leaned more toward a baby boy. A decorating decision in 2006 that seems like pure genius today. So Lil' Junior will move right into a ready made nursery. We still need a crib (ours along with all of our baby gear is long gone), but otherwise his room is ready. If you visit before October, it is a private guest room for you.

With the kids' rooms shuffled, we now have room for our newest addition. I won't dare say we are ready though. I learned through Sarah and Jaley, that now matter how hard I try, I am never really ready for a new baby. Preparation aside, he still has a few months in the cooker. We are eagerly awaiting his arrival.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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Di said...

The rooms are beautiful! Guest rooms can be such a waste. We have always done well using a kid's room and having the kid bunk in the bonus room or when they were younger, on a sleeping bag on our floor.

I was so thrilled to have a dedicated guest room in this house. But right now we have a young couple living with us, using the upstairs "apartment," so the guest room is now Haley's room.

We make it work.