Friday, July 24, 2009

The Experiential Child

Jaley is turning 3 next week. And like all kids, she is growing up fast. Time has evaporated all of the pieces that made her a baby and seamlessly changed her into a little girl.

In thinking about the changes in Jaley, it made me realize something about her. I always struggle to describe Jaley - in this blog, talking to friends, or just bragging at the grocery store. I don't have this same struggle with Sarah. When I describe Sarah, my words usually seem to fit. When I describe Jaley, no matter how hard I try, my words never do her justice.

It was just this week, that I realized that Jaley is just a child you have to experience to understand. Her silly songs, crazy dances, and batted eyelashes can steal your heart in under a second. Her insistence to choose her style for the day by dressing herself can make you smile every time you see her parade by in a Halloween shirt in July. Her booming voice and screaming laugh that are much too loud for a child only 37" tall can insure that I always know where she is. It is the experience with Jaley that makes her so special. However, it is an experience would even cause Melville to struggle for the right words.

I can't believe my baby is almost 3, but I am so excited to experience all that that future years hold in store.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of Love.

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