Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Bought a Car in My Bathrobe

Actually, I was dressed in regular clothes (regular maternity clothes that is). I could have been dressed in only a bathrobe or even just my birthday suit. It didn't matter. Yesterday, I bought a car over the phone.

It was kind of fun. I haggled my way through all of the car buying hoops without ever leaving the comfort of home. It was the last day of the month and the salespeople wanted to make a deal. I knew which model I wanted, but I wasn't picky about features or colors. As Scott said, I only cared about it being green (as in spending the least amount of greenbacks as possible). I called a couple of dealers and said give me your best price. They called back and I said try a little harder. They called back again and I said try one more time. Before the end of the day, I got the car I wanted at a price even lower than I had hoped (though I didn't tell the dealer that). No running around town, no uncomfortable chairs at the dealership (the kind that make you want to sign on the dotted line no matter what the price), no fuss. I may never go to a car dealership to shop again.

I have to back up a little bit. You may be scratching your head, wondering why in the heck I was buying a car anyhow. Didn't I just by a car in September? Why yes, I did. In fact, I bought the perfect little microvan. I drive a Mazda 5 that I still love and that is still in perfect shape (especially if you like a few Cheerios crumbs on the seat).

The problem is that while my Mazda 5 technically seats 6, the third row of seats are in the cargo area. So as a family of 5 we can fit in the car, but I could never carry groceries at the same time. And as all moms know, having kids means a lot of trips carrying groceries.

Bye-Bye microvan! Hello minivan!

As of yesterday, we are the proud owners of a White Toyota Sienna. It is a couple of years old with only 16000 miles. With kids three young kids this car is going to take a beating. I figured get one that is a little broken in and then I won't fret when I find out that milk was just spilled all over the back seat. And though we already have a purchase agreement on the car, we haven't actually seen it yet. We will be introduced to our family mobile tomorrow in Greensboro. We are headed up to spend the 4th of July in the mountains and will sign the final paperwork on our way to Beech Mtn. The dealer is going to make one change on the interior for me (to help with all those inevitable spills) and we will pick up our car Sunday on our drive home. It should look like the one pictured above. If not, the deal isn't binding and I will be shopping by phone at the end of July.

While last week we made room in the house for Lil' Junior, this purchase means we will have room in the car for him. Of course, we still don't have a car seat for him, but that is just one little legality I will deal with another day.

Right now, I need to get the microvan packed for its last family trip. We are off tomorrow morning to visit Jan and Mike and celebrate the 4th. While we are excited to see them, we are really excited to see Emily and meet her boyfriend Marcus. They are making the trip from Chicago. As if those aren't reasons enough for the trip, Sarah has spent the week with Mimi & Poppa. And I really am missing my first born.

That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.

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