Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pimp My Ride

Scott said I couldn't get spinners for our minivan, so I will have to settle for a vanity license plate instead. We have a couple of leading contenders and just for fun are looking for your votes. Remember, you are voting for a license plate for the backside of a (n)ever cool minivan that will be hauling three very loud children around town.
  • L84CARPL - Late for Carpool
  • OTNMBRD - As in Scott and I will be outnumbered 3 to 2
  • 3FTRJKTS - Three Future (Ga Tech) Jackets
  • NO YNING - A rule in the car (and everywhere) - No Whining
  • And any votes you may have...
Cast you vote, by either sending an email or commenting on this blog. Either way, I would love to hear your opinion on the best license plate for the new ride.

And since I am blogging about our new ride, I must make a confession. I had the car exactly two whole days, before the power of the minivan got under my skin. I got a speeding ticket! Yikes!!!! My last speeding ticket was in 1994. Usually, I drive so slow I make the senior citizens down in Florida look speedy. When we are together, Scott doesn't even let me drive. My lack of speed drives him crazy. But last Friday, with the wind at my back and a large downhill in my path, I drove smack dab into a speed trap. It was a 25 mph zone at the bottom of a very big hill. The kind of hill that because of gravity warrants a 55 mph limit. I was riding the brakes - but only to the tune of 40 mph - still enough to get me a citation. Even my pregnant belly and tears didn't help. He just said, "license and registration ma'am."

So while you are casting your votes, if any of you NC locals have a suggestion on law firms to help me get my citation revoked, reduced, or resolved, PLEASE let me know your recommendations. For those of you not local to the area, in NC people don't take speeding tickets sitting down. Here in the Tar Heel state you fight it in court. You gotta love the freedom of democracy.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.


Priti said...

definitely vote for the future jackets one! love it! :)

sorry to hear about the speeding ticket. i've heard that you can go to court to contest it and if you change the date that they give you the cop may/may not show up(they usually do all their cases on the same day). if they don't show up then i don't think they can site you. this might be an urban myth but worth checking out...

Di said...

The late for carpool one is the only one that one could figure out while tailgating you. I hate when people have vanity plates that you know you should be able to read and understand, but can't.

Mine pretty much says it all...in an ironic fashion if you know my history of backing into things and getting rear-ended...


Di said...

The last one, I would interpret as "No Yawning!"