Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Golden Corral Pregnancy

Lil' Junior's Profile - 08-12-2009

WARNING: It is time to gossip about my pregnancy again. I'm sure you are exhausted with all the baby talk, but tough luck - here is all the nitty gritty.

This is the Golden Corral of pregnancies. The buffet is in front of me and I have filled up my plate with one of almost everything from the list of pregnancy issues. I even grabbed a few things from the buffet that have left the docs and I wondering what they are.

Before, I get into all the details, I will start with the buffet items that are most important. I am 32 weeks, 1 day along. As of the ultrasound this morning, Lil' Junior is weighing in at approximately 3 lbs, 11 oz. Though we have had many issues with this pregnancy, we have been BLESSED with good news after every scare. While we don't want to meet our little guy for quite a few more weeks, Scott and I are breathing much easier knowing that even if he arrived now, his prognosis is great.

Now for the buffet list. This pregnancy has been quite a ride. If you remember, the pregnancy started out completely against the odds. I was talking hysterectomy with my docs and on medication that is rather anti-pregnancy when the stick turned blue. So much for odds, this little guy is my miracle.

Then, you fast forward a few weeks for my triple test and NT ultrasound. The results came back high for the chance of a baby with chromosomal abnormalities. We weighed the risks and opted to have CVS testing (which is similar to an amniocentesis, but earlier in the pregnancy). After a week of nail biting, the results were great - no signs of chromosomal issues AND baby is a boy.

Then, you fast forward a few more weeks for my mid-pregnancy level 2 ultrasound. The reports were all good, except there was one issue we needed to monitor with Lil' Junior's kidneys. Apparently, just like the girls when they were potty training - he was holding it for just a little too long.

While baby was looking and growing well, I have been on a downward slide. I am still having all sorts of pelvic pain. It is the same pain that started in January 2008. With my belly growing, the pain is worse each week. I have seen just about every specialist in the greater Raleigh - from surgeons to neurologists to gynecologists to gastroenterologists to acupuncturists to physical therapists. They are all concur that my issues are not currently threatening to me or the baby, but they also have only guesses about what is wrong. The treatment is pretty simple. I rest on the couch, take pain meds round the clock, and wait out my time until delivery. We have outsourced everything else. I am a master of the "dinner in 5 minutes" cookbook.

Then, you get to May. Half way through with my pregnancy and time to start thinking about my tendency toward pre-term labor. Luckily, there are now 17P injections that do a great job of keeping early contractions at bay. For the past 3 months, the injections have worked like a charm. No signs of early labor. Unfortunately, I am slightly allergic to the injection. I itch where they give me a shot - which just so happens to be in my backside. So for the past three months, I have been scratching my ass with no abandon. I apologize to all those I have offended.

Then, you get to mid-July. Sarah is sent home from school with a mysterious rash. I thought with 5 years of daycare under her belt, we were though these types of illnesses, but no such luck. We visit the doc twice with no firm diagnosis. However, Parvo B19 virus is one of the possibilities. Parvo is no biggie for kids or adults - just a little cold and a little rash. Parvo, however, can be dangerous to fetuses. Despite our strict regimine of hand washing and Purell, five days later I had myself a little case of Parvo, too.

Here we are at today. Back to the Perinatologist for another ultrasound. This was the follow-up for most of our earlier issues. Wonderful news - Lil' Junior's kidneys look perfect and there are no signs of anemia from Parvo. As an added bonus, my cervix is "competent" (I guess it passed end of grade testing) and shows no signs of heading toward a pre-term delivery. Sometimes, you solve one problem and uncover another. So was the case this morning. Now baby and uterus and showing signs of slow growth, plus my amniotic fluid is a little low.

Next steps are weekly ultrasounds, rest on the couch for me, and a countdown until delivery. Since I was already spending my day on the couch and counting down until delivery, nothing much has changed. I just traded in three pregnancy buffet items for two different ones.

Scott and I are hunkered down for the last few weeks of this pregnancy. The docs are promising an induction at 38 weeks so that puts me at 41 days to go (yes, I am counting each day). Hopefully, we will continue our trend of having issues to worry about, but blessed luck that none of them are causing serious issues.

Thanks again to everyone that has sent us prayers and lent us a hand this year. It has truly made all the difference!!!!

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.


David said...

Even in the toughest of times-- a well written update! It was so great to see all of you even for a quick visit! Our thoughts and prayers are with you for an easy delivery and post-delivery answers to your discomfort. Thinking of you!
Love, The Fab Five

Di said...

Competent??? Come can do better! I think about you all the time...

Beth and Betty said...

We'll be keeping all of you in our thoughts,prayers and we'll be counting down with you.Can't wait to see future pictures of a healthy mom and baby boy!

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