Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Officially a Soccer Mom

It's official, I'm a soccer mom. Scott made a trip to the sporting goods store for cleats and more. This week, Sarah had her very first soccer practice. The "season" is only 8 weeks long and it is just for fun. There are no goalies and no bench warmers.

It isn't so much what this soccer season has it store, it is what it represents. It is our first foray into the organized (and wallet draining) land of school-aged kids' sports/activities. This marks the end of lazy Saturdays ever after. Sarah is starting soccer now. Jaley is close on her heals. If Scott has anything to do with it, Lil' Junior will be on a team by next fall.

We will soon be one of those families with a giant color-coded calendar on the refrigerator - desperately trying to keep each kid's activities straight. I know the day will come when Sarah calls saying "mom where are you?" I'll probably be on my way to take Jaley to piano and Lil' Junior to Little League having completely forgotten it was my day for the soccer carpool.

In fact, carpool isn't my reality right now. I have even outsourced that. Nana is at to the pool with Jaley right now and then off pick up Sarah at camp. I still continue my lazy ways lounging in bed and on the couch. The good news is that all my baby checks came back good this week. If that trend continues (which we are hoping), we are planning to meet Lil' Junior in about 3 weeks. The docs are now thinking an induction at 37 weeks (around 9/15) is the right balance between delivering a healthy baby and getting me off the couch. They figure Nana and Mimi can only drive carpool for so long and I better get back to being a productive member of this household. The countdown continues.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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