Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Start of Summer Vacation

For most of America, summer is coming to an end. The stores are stocking pencils by the pallet and school buses are back on the road. However, at our house summer vacation began this Monday. Sarah attends a year round school. Instead of one long summer break, she has four short breaks throughout the year. Her first "track out" began this week. And true to historic summer fashion, she is attending camp - complete with silly games and pool time.

She is having a great time at her camp and after diving right into kindergarten she was excited for the break. For the following two weeks, Sarah is going to camp where Jaley goes preschool. Jaley is very excited to be able to hang out with her sister again. The transition to kindergarten has been much harder for Jaley than for Sarah. Jaley misses Sarah and thinks that it is torture that she isn't old enough to ride the school bus.

Also, true to historic summer fashion, it is grandparent time. Nana is flying in today to spend two weeks as my personal indentured servant. She is taking charge of the girls and the house, while I lounge on the couch. As I said before and as I will say again, a mother's work is never done. I promise she will have long hours and no pay - a job that only a mother (grandmother) would accept. As soon as she leaves, Jan and Mike are arriving to take over where Nana leaves off.

So far, all of my inactivity is paying off. Lil' Junior had a non-stress test on Monday. According to the doctors, he is cool as a cucumber - not stressed at all (a very good thing). Unfortunately, I can't say the same of myself. I stress and worry about baby all the time. Today, I had my weekly visit with Lil' Junior (ultrasound). Again, it was good news. My amniotic fluid level was up into the normal range and Lil' Junior's biophysical profile (BPP) was good, too. I'm not quite sure what the BPP measure, but with good and profile in the results, I'm sure it means he will grow up to be very handsome.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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