Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Man Plans and God Laughs - No Baby Yet

Yes, I wrote that we were planning to meet Lil' Junior today. It doesn't seem like it will happen. As scheduled, I went to the hospital yesterday for my amniocentisis. The doctor was trying to check proteins in the amniotic fluid that confirm that baby was truly ready for his debut. Depending on how you count, I either had 3 amnios done or none. The doctor made three attempts to collect the fluid - turning my abdomen into a virtual pin cushion - to no avail. My amniotic fluid levels have been running rather low, and the doctor couldn't grab enough fluid to perform the test.

I was prepared for "baby's not ready" from the test results, but I wasn't expecting "we just can't complete the test." To add insult to injury, the doctor said to schedule the induction for next Monday. However, I know now that scheduling an induction is harder to get than hot concert tickets. Instead, we are scheduled to meet Lil' Junior next Wed. 9/23.

Unless, of course, he comes au naturale. I have a history of baby's debuting before their due dates and according to yesterday's exam, a baby in the next few days isn't completely out of the question.

Baby talk consumes most of the gossip around our house, but the stuff of regular life continues, too. Scott is, as usual, having a crazy week at work. Sarah had her first soccer match last Saturday - AND SCORED A GOAL. Jaley is dressing herself each morning in the most outrageous outfits ever. Jan is working tirelessly to run the house. As for me, I maintain my life of leisure in bed and on the couch.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the love and support. That is life in the Stroller Lane. Lots of Love.


Mike Teems said...

I really enjoyed your post! Hang in there and stay rested. Yay for Sarah and her goal!!

Anonymous said...

Well ok, if we must...we'll wait until the 23rd! lol We'll keep praying and we love you.

Beth and Betty

Priti said...

i can't believe he hasn't arrived yet. you have been so patient - just a few more days! i'll call you this weekend to catch up - france was awesome and thought of you often when i was in champagne! :)

Legal Teas said...

Just saw a blue balloon go up on the mailbox --- did he make come early?????