Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Newest Family Member

You probably thought adding one new family member recently was enough. We did, too. However, our family was recently adopted by an opossum. At least, he has set up residence in our garage.

It all started last Wednesday. I went to throw a bag of trash into our garbage can. Two beady eyes were looking up at me. So I shut the lid on that can, wheeled it out to the driveway, and told the opossum to "run free." Unbeknown to me, he freely ran right back into our garage.

Around 3AM on Saturday evening Scott was taking a shift with the baby. He went outside to get a drink out of the fridge in the garage. Instead, he was unhappily greeted by our newest family member leaping out of the garbage can.

We now know a few things about our new resident. Our opossum is living up on the storage shelf above our garage doors. He and Buford (our cat) seem to be getting along fine, since I keep finding Buford hanging out on the same shelf. According to animal control, he, like all opossums, is docile (good news) and doesn't carry disease (very good news). Also, according to animal control, they will come and help us get him out of the garage (more good news), but they aren't allowed to relocate him (not so good news). If animal control releases him into our yard, our opossum will be back in our garage the first chance he gets (definitely bad news).

Now we are trying to catch him and relocate him ourselves. Our first attempt, luring him with cat food, was unsuccessful. We will try again tonight. So while we continue our opposum hunting, I don't recommend trying to steal anything from our garage. We have a new, furry night watchman keeping an eye on the place.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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Anonymous said...

We just had a death in the family and reading your little story put a smile on my face!