Monday, October 12, 2009

Party of Five

We are settling in as a family of five. Scott and I have officially switched from the man-to-man defense to zone. Three weeks in and our defensive line is holding.

I'm sure this will change, but the jump from 2 to 3 kids has gone smoother than then jump from 1 to 2. Scott and I long ago gave up any expectations of quiet in the house, watching anything other than cartoons, sleeping through the night, or life without chaos. While we have a brand new baby in the house, we are operating under the same set of expectations.

As for Michael Perry, he is growing fast. According to my marginally accurate home scale, he over 7 pounds. As often as he is nursing that comes as no surprise to me. Now we just have to get him to the magic 10 pound mark. At that weight 3AM feedings move from mandatory to optional (though that is at the option of the baby not me).

I know that raising a boy will be very different from a girl, but right now the only major difference stems from diapering. No matter how fast I am, I am destined to get sprinkled once and a while. Plus diapers on boys leak in totally different places than diapers on girls.

Overall Michael Perry is doing great. He is healthy and really a good baby, though Scott would exclude a couple of hours last night in that assessment. Scott takes a shift in the evening and Nana has been entertaining the girls. These are things that make my job as mommy so much easier.

As for the girls, they are transitioning well into having a baby in the house. Before Jaley arrived, the world revolved around Sarah. So a baby's arrival was quite the transition. This time they are both used to life with a sibling. Instead of being a negative, Michael Perry means they have one more person to play with (soon) and new boy toys in the house. Plus we are already celebrating the month of Halloween - so that is helping to keep the girls smiling.

Mimi and Poppa stopped by for another visit on their way home to Florida. There was no way they were leaving NC without one more visit with their newest grandchild. In just two days, they showered Sarah, Jaley, and Michael Perry with enough love and snuggles to last until their next visit in December.

That is life in the stroller lane. Lots of love.

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